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Xpander machine production

The first generation Mitsubishi Xpander which once complained of increased engine speed even though the gas pedal is not stepped on, it is claimed that this has not happened in the 4A91 engine with Mivec technology.

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The idle up problem that many consumers had complained about, according to PT MMKSI’s Deputy General Manager of Product Strategy Division, Guntur Harling, who emphasized that from previous consumer input, it had been handled.

In the previous case, we have handled it by reprogramming the electronic control unit (ECU). In this new model, we use the latest ECU program to solve this problem,” he said in the MMKSI virtual interview, Tuesday, November 16, 2021.

Xpander machine production Photo: Doc MMKSI

The same thing was also revealed by Budiarto as the Department Head Technical Service Sales and Marketing Division of PT Mitsubishi Motors if the control unit embedded in the latest Xpander engine has gone through a re-tuning process.

Improve the ECU is said to have changed a lot. However, Budiarto emphasized that if the idle up is not completely gone, there is still a little but not as high as before.

“Idle up is technically needed at normal settings so that the engine does not die. Functionally, the setting is to compensate for sudden loads from transmission and electrical loads.” he said.

Mitsubishi Xpander
Mitsubishi Xpander Photo: MMKSI

Thus, Budiarto explained that the idle up condition was functioned to compensate when there was an additional load so as not to drop or the engine died.

Regarding the idle up issue, Rifat Sungkar as Mitsubishi’s ambassador also spoke technically, when consumers were busy discussing social media.

This technically savvy racer explains, if a number of consumers complain about idle ups, it’s only a matter of calibration. So overall the Mitsubishi Xpander engine is no problem.

New Mitsubishi Xpander.  Photo: Hops/Jehoshaphat
New Mitsubishi Xpander. Photo: Hops/Jehoshaphat

The air temperature that tends to be hot in Indonesia, he continued, causes consumers to often use air conditioners and cars that are adjusted by manufacturers to meet these needs, keep the cabin cool, so that the engine speed remains high when the car is stationary. “This is more about calibration, because this car is designed for consumer convenience,” said Rifat.

Currently Mitsubishi Xpander is considered safe and does not experience engine problems considering all changes and technical updates are made for the convenience of its users.

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