The mother is known as a sexy woman who unites the nation, is Auntie Ernie’s child embarrassed?

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Ernie Judojono.  Photo Source: Instagram

The celebgram Aunt Ernie revealed how the baby’s response was when there were netizens who said that their children were ashamed to have a mother like her. That’s because the woman whose full name is Ernie Judojono is known as a woman who often uploads photos in revealing clothes. Not a few also say that Aunt Ernie is a unifier of the nation.

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Even though he is no longer young, Ernie has a proportional body and is coveted by all women. But unfortunately, not all netizens think like that when they see photos uploaded by Aunt Ernie on Instagram. So, is Aunt Ernie proud to have a body like that? Check out the following reviews.

Aunt Ernie’s Son

Aunt Ernie talked a lot with Deddy Corbuzier and Rigen on the #CloseTheDoorCorbuzier podcast recently. According to Aunt Ernie, she is a person who gets carried away easily, especially when it comes to children.

“I’m really excited, Mas Deddy, what’s the saddest thing is when that person comments that it’s about children. In the beginning it went viral, the news was everywhere, and then people got bullied too, some people said things like this and all kinds of things,” said Aunt Ernie, launching Deddy Corbuzier’s YouTube on Tuesday (16/11/21).

Ernie Judojono. Photo Source: Instagram

One day, Aunt Ernie got comments from netizens who questioned whether her children were ashamed to have a mother like her. The woman born in 1976 was immediately worried if the netizen’s comments were true.

“Then I posted photos, some of them said ‘these children are ashamed or not, you have a mother like this. But once again I asked my children, because when I read it like that, I thought, ‘Could it be that my children are ashamed’,” he said.

Therefore, Aunt Ernie immediately called her children and questioned it. The mother of three was relieved when her baby admitted that she was not ashamed to have a mother like her.

“I called my children, when the older ones are almost about to finish their studies, the second one is in 2 high school, one is still in 5th grade. So who I can talk to, I call, I say ‘aren’t you ashamed of mine?’ (kids) ‘What? What question is that? Why are we ashamed? Mom, why are you suddenly asking like that’, Ernie said.

Proud to have a proportional body

Aunt Ernie also explained the various comments she received on each photo that was shared on Instagram. Aunt Ernie said, she felt grateful that many people used her proportional body as a motivation.

Aunt Ernie and Rigen on YouTube Deddy Corbuzier
Aunt Ernie and Rigen on YouTube Deddy Corbuzier

“People’s problems are seen from which side, we can’t regulate it, right. If it’s like you want to enter one content, maybe the people who positive thinking They will think, ‘Yes, this person is not young anymore but he can still look good,’” said Aunt Ernie.

That’s because according to Aunt Ernie, getting the body that all women covet is not easy. Especially at his young age.

“But on the other hand, don’t look at it from that side, right? Yes (looks dirty). So far, yes (proud of my own body) because I really feel that I get a body like this, not one or two days, “concluded Aunt Ernie.

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