Sugeng Efendi’s Single Goal to Persistence Brings PSIM to Win the Mataram Derby | NBCNEWS

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PSIM Yogyakarta performed extraordinary in the match titled Derby Mataram against Persis Solo in Group C Liga 2 2021 which was held at the Manahan Stadium, Solo, Monday (15/11/2021). Laskar Mataram was able to beat Persis Solo, and Sugeng Efendi became a PSIM hero thanks to the single goal he scored in the second half.

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Persis Solo immediately stepped on the gas since the beginning of the first round of the 2021 Liga 2 Group C match. Five minutes after the first half started, Laskar Sambernyawa had their first chance. Rifaldi Bawuo fired a long-range shot which Imam Arief Fadillah could still hold.

Two minutes later, Imam again showed his ability. The former Persebaya Surabaya goalkeeper dismissed Miftahul Hamdi’s close-range shot which had a very good chance of being a goal.

PSIM practically continued to be under Persis pressure for most of the first half. Their first chance just came in the 20th minute.

Achmad Baasith tried to release a kick from outside the penalty box. However, Wahyu Tri Nugroho was still able to withstand the ex-Persela Lamongan player’s shot.

In the 37th minute, PSIM, who rarely got a chance, almost took the lead. Sugeng Efendi, who escaped from the guard of defender Persis, fired a shot from inside the penalty box.

The ball shot by the player from Magelang successfully passed Wahyu Tri. Luckily for the hosts, Sugeng’s shot still hit the crossbar. The first round of the 2021 Liga 2 Group C match ended with a goalless draw.

At the beginning of the second half, Persis was surprised by PSIM’s pressure. Six minutes into the second half, PSIM took the lead thanks to Sugeng Efendi’s shot. This is Sugeng’s third goal for PSIM this season.

Shortly after taking the lead, precisely in the 60th minute, Seto Nurdiyantoro made two substitutions at once. Ilham Irhaz and Nanda Nurrandi were pulled out. Both replace Yudha Alkanza and Hapidin.

Sugeng Efendi really troubled Persis’s defense. In the 64th minute, the former Persela Lamongan player fired a shot from the left side of Persis’s defense. However, his shot was still sideways from Wahyu Tri’s goal.

Eko Purdjianto tries to change his team’s game. In the 65th minute he made three changes at once. Sulthon Fajar, Mohammad Kanu, and Irfan Jauhari entered. They replaced Yu Hyun Koo, Sandi Sute, and Irfan Bachdim.

Exactly the more eager to chase goals after they included two additional attackers in the 72nd minute. They are Ferdinand Sinaga and Assanur Rijal. Both replace Miftahul Hamdi and Beto Goncalves.

Mohammad Kanu had a good chance in the 77th minute. The 20-year-old midfielder fired a shot from outside the penalty box. Too bad Kanu’s shot was wide of the PSIM goal.

PSIM, who relied on counter-attacks, almost strengthened their advantage in the 83rd minute. Arbeta Rockyawan, who was already dealing with the goalkeeper, failed to get the ball into Persis’s goal.

The 1-0 score lasted until the game was over. This victory makes the competition in Group C Liga 2 2021 very interesting. Exactly still sitting at the top with a collection of 15 points. However, they are only two points ahead of PSIM who are now in second position. The remaining two matches in Group C will be very exciting.

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