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Since childhood, the figure of Jan Ethes Srinarendra has become the center of attention of many people. Not only because he is President Jokowi’s first grandson, but because his behavior is always adorable. One of the photos of Jan Ethes, had become very viral in his time. Many netizens say that Gibran’s son will be next idol.

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Now, Jan Ethes is more than 5 years old, but his behavior is still no less annoying. Jan Ethes grew up and had a lot of abilities at a very young age. Most recently, he won the taekwondo competition at SKB Solo. Come on, let’s see the portrait of when he became this champion!

Uncle and aunt on line, this is when Ethes is getting ready

Jan Ethes [sumber gambar]

Before competing on the field, practice kicks with coach first yes!

Kicking practice [sumber gambar]

Come on, mom, don’t worry, because Ethes will do his best~

Jan Ethes and Selvi [sumber gambar]

Support systemthe ever-present Ethes

Jan Ethes support system [sumber gambar]

If his father said Jan Ethes, Ethes’ appearance was ‘pretty good’

After struggling, finally the enemy fell too

Jan Ethes won too [sumber gambar]

Behind the winning kick, there is a father who gives support with enthusiasm

Behind the death kick [sumber gambar]

Congratulations on the win, Mas Ethes!

Happy Ethes [sumber gambar]

Hopefully in the future it will be even more successful!

Hopefully in the future more achievements [sumber gambar]

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Wow, I think when he grows up, Ethes will become Indonesia’s mainstay taekwondo athlete. Hopefully in the future you will continue to be enthusiastic and become a champion, Mas Ethes!

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