Siti Nurhaliza paid for groceries, this woman is speechless

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Siti Nurhaliza (Dol

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NBCNEWS – Singer Siti Nurhaliza not only known for his great voice, but also for his kindness and generosity to those around him. The most recent example is seen from his latest video upload on YouTube, last Friday (12/11). In the video, she shows not only generosity to her own children, but also to a foreign family she meets in a shop.

In the video, Siti Nurhaliza went to the famous toy store Toys”R”Us, to buy toys for her two children, Aafiyah and Afwa. The “I Love You” singer then mentioned how different her childhood was from that of her children. “Throughout my childhood, it was very rare for me to get a toy. Even so, I still enjoy it because there are so many games and activities outdoor what I can do while living in the village,” he said.

Siti then expressed her gratitude for the gifts that fans always send for her children. “I want to thank all my fans, after I was blessed with Aafiyah and Afwa. They have given me so (many) gifts that the whole room is filled with gifts from them,” he said as reported by the portal

Siti Nurhaliza (Dol NBCNEWS)

Datuk K’s wife then explained how in her childhood she did not own a Barbie doll, or any of the toys commonly found in stores today. Instead, he had sandals, leaves, and sticks to play with.

Well, when Siti Nurhaliza paid for Aafiyah and Afwa’s toys at the cashier, a woman with two children lined up behind her. He then told them to pay for all the toys they bought. “Let Mak Iti pay for it,” said Siti.

This kind attitude apparently made the woman speechless. Why not, not only can meet his idol, Siti Nurhaliza pay for the groceries too!


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