Shhh, these moms are husband’s wild fantasy when making love, let’s take a peek!

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NBCNEWS, Jakarta —

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For married couples, having sex is important. Because, the love relationship can be closer and warmer.

Usually, husbands or wives have wild fantasies during sex. Moms, do you know your husband’s wild fantasy in bed?

Clinical Sexologist Zoya Amirin, M.Psi.FIAS reveals her husband’s wild fantasy. According to him, wild fantasy is okay as long as it doesn’t hurt your partner.

Zoya Amirin says husbands need to discuss their wild fantasies with their partners. Zoya says, whatever the wild fantasy is, it must be able to make the couple comfortable while making love.

Zoya also reminds husbands not to force wild fantasies on their wives. If you keep pushing, then it’s not fair to the wife.

“You can’t force it (husband’s wild fantasy, ed),” said Zoya, quoted from the syndicated page NBCNEWS (16/11/2021).


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