Sexy and Tempting, Aunt Ernie Makes Her Child’s Friends Misbehave

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Aunt Ernie (Instagram)

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NBCNEWS – Ernie Judojono or Aunt Ernie is known in cyberspace as a woman with a sexy image to the point of being dubbed as the Unifier of the Nation, when the Covid-19 pandemic hit. His name had gone viral after being interviewed on Gofar Hilman’s YouTube channel.

The woman who owns 2.2 million followers on Instagram is liked by netizens because she often uploads sexy photos with open clothes. She is called an aunt because she is almost half a century old.

Aunt Ernie is a housewife who has three children. His eldest son is an adult, pursuing a college education. She is also not a random woman because her husband is Irwan Judojono, a President Director of PT Niafa Tata Utama.

Aunt Ernie. (Instagram)

Behind her popularity with a sexy image, Aunt Ernie admits that she has concerns about her children. He doesn’t want his children to be bullied because his mother often displays sexy photos and poses defiantly.

“That’s actually me who asked my son first. I’m afraid that my child will be bullied because of me, right,” said Aunt Ernie when she was a guest on Deddy Corbuzier’s YouTube podcast recently.

Aunt Ernie also told her when she asked her children directly. There was no disappointment from the children, instead they became a joke.

“I once asked my son who was the first boy who went to college and high school. Have you ever had your friend bullied you because of your mom? Some people know, some just ignore it. ‘gile yah dut your mom so hot’, “explained Aunt Ernie.

Aunt Ernie.  (Instagram)

Aunt Ernie. (Instagram)

There is also a funny story experienced by Aunt Ernie from her children’s friendship environment. He claimed to have seen one of his children’s friends who was awkward when he met him.

“Eh hello, I want to pick up Riski. Then I asked my son and he said he (a friend) liked to see mommy’s Instagram,” concluded Aunt Ernie laughing.


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