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– A trip to the city of Medan, may not be complete if you haven’t stopped for a culinary tour and try the coffee shop in Medan. For those of you who are looking for a place to hang out that doesn’t flatten your pocket.

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This sadistic coffee can be an option for you to visit, besides the price of the food is still affordable, this coffee shop also offers instagramable and up-to-date private spots.

The name may sound scary but once you enter this cafe area, you will be comfortably pampered with views of the cafe with a garden style, with a green exterior concept that is not imaginary always crowded with visitors.

Sadis Coffee is located at Jalan Nusantara No. 5 district. Percut Sei Tuan Medan Tembung, or in front of the Tembung Koramil office. To get here is very easy, about 20 minutes from the Unimed campus, UIN SU or UMA, more details can be searched from the google map. This cafe is always crowded with visitors, especially by young people or millennials.

Relaxing atmosphere at sadistic coffee

Sadis Coffee Alone Has been established since April 4, 2015, the founder is Iqbal Fahri who is an entrepreneur from Medan Tembung. Well, for the name of the place, it is indeed very unique, namely Kopi Sadis, “Sadis” here does not mean a cruel sadist, but the meaning of “Sadist” here is an acronym for “Santai is Here”.

That’s why the name of this coffee shop is called Kopi Sadis, because it is a very comfortable place to relax with friends and family.


When you enter this cafe, you are free to choose a seat, either in an air-conditioned coffee shop, or you want to enjoy the outdoor atmosphere, which has more instagramable photo spots.

From the artistic interior, vintage and classic style chairs, colorful sofas, the garden is very attractive to be a photo object. This cafe also continues to make changes to the Outdor concept every year, starting from the furniture, garden, to the lighting.

For the drink menu, in addition to the Coffe Latte, there is also a diverse drink menu, from asoy geboy tea, pokat matches, sadistic oreo coffee, ice bland coffee, mocktails, and various juices. While the food, apart from providing Indonesian menus, there are also western menus such as spaghetti, pizza, cordon blue, etc.

This coffee shop is open every day from 11.00 to 23.00. The busiest time to visit is in the afternoon until late at night. Here also provided Live Music every Saturday and Sunday.

The calm and comfortable atmosphere makes you feel at home for a long time here, besides that the food here is very recommended for you to try the prices start from Rp. 14,000 to 25,000, and for the food menu from Rp. 14,000 to Rp. 36,000. The service is also satisfying, the waiters and baristas are also very friendly.

With its spacious size, this cafe has both indoor and outdoor spaces. The indoor atmosphere is comfortable, the distance from one table to another is not too close and it’s getting cooler because of the air conditioner. Likewise with outdoor, the atmosphere feels cool, comfortable because it is filled with green plants and there is live acoustic too. As the name implies Sadis (It’s relaxing here), you can come here to relax.

Address of The Kopi Sadis

Jl. Nusantara No. 5 (before Simpang Match)
Wi-Fi : available
Mushalla : available

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