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NBCNEWS – About 3/4 of the human body consists of water. This component can be found in many organs of the body such as muscles, heart, bones, kidneys, lungs, and skin. Therefore, lack of drinking can be harmful to the body.

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Water has benefits and a very important role in maintaining the body’s working system. In addition to aiding digestion and removing toxins from the body, water also balances mineral levels, and distributes oxygen to all organs. Launch page hellohealthHere are signs you are not drinking enough water.

Dry mouth

One sign of not drinking enough water that you may first notice is a dry mouth. When you don’t drink too much water, your salivary glands don’t have enough fluid to produce saliva. Thus, the mouth becomes dry.

This problem can then develop into other problems, such as dry lips, a burning sensation in the mouth, and bad breath.


Lack of drinking water can cause fluid loss which leads to a decrease in blood volume. Lack of hydrated blood can inhibit the spread of oxygen and nutrients to all body cells. If left unchecked, this will lead to fatigue.

Dry eyes

Lack of water consumption can also cause dry eyes. This condition occurs because the body does not produce enough tears. Because, the part that plays a role in the production of tears is the water layer. When you are dehydrated, the water layer will decrease. As a result, the surface of the eye can become irritated and cause blurred vision.


Water serves to launch the digestive system, keep stool soft and easy to expel and make your bowel movements regular. If you don’t drink enough, the stool in your intestines will become harder and harder to expel, which is a symptom of constipation.

Darker urine color

When you are dehydrated, your kidneys retain as much fluid as possible to maintain their function. This also makes you less likely to urinate. Later when urinating, the urine that comes out is darker in color, has a stronger odor, and has a cloudier appearance. The risk of urinary tract infections can also increase because the body lacks water to get rid of toxins and bacteria.

Dry skin

The less fluid the body is, the less sweat is produced in the body. This will cause the skin to lose its elasticity and elasticity, so that the skin becomes dry, flaky, fine lines appear, and loosens.

Lack of fluids also makes your skin has a decreased function in cleaning up excess dirt and oil. In fact, as the largest organ in the body, the skin must remain well hydrated.

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