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Not a few young people who aspire to become a police officer. This ideal is also in line with the wishes of parents who also want to see their children in brown uniforms. However, what is the actual salary of the police?

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The amount of police salaries has actually been regulated in Government Regulation Number 17 of 2019 concerning the twelfth amendment of Government Regulation Number 29 of 2001 concerning the Regulation of the Salaries of Members of the Indonesian National Police. This regulation regulates the amount of salary to the benefits obtained.

Even though he is classified as a civil servant, the salary obtained by the police is also subject to the regulation of PPh 21 deductions and the Mandatory Employee Contribution (IWP) of 10% of the total basic salary and family allowances. The following is the amount of salary received by Polri members per month with reference to class.

Basic Salary of Enlisted Rank I Police

There are 6 levels of rank with different incomes in group I. The following are the details from the lowest to the highest, from Bharada to Abripol.

  • Bhayangkara Dua (Bharada): Rp1,643,500,- up to Rp2,538,100,-
  • Bhayangkara One (Bharatu): Rp1,694,900,- up to Rp2,699,400,-
  • Chief Bhayangkara (Bharaka): Rp1,747,900,- up to Rp2,699,400,-
  • Assistant Police Brigadier Two (Abripda): Rp1,802,600,- up to Rp2,783,900,-
  • Adjunct Police Brigadier One (Abriptu): Rp1,858,900,- up to Rp2,870,900,-
  • Adjunct Police Brigadier (Abripol): Rp1,917,100,- up to Rp2,960,700,-

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Basic Salary of a Class II Police Officer

police salary

The rank of NCO also has 6 levels of rank with different incomes for each rank. The following is the salary amount from the lowest to the highest, starting from Bripda to Aiptu.

  • Police Brigadier Two (Bripda): IDR 2,103,700,- up to IDR 3,457,100
  • Police Brigadier One (Briptu): IDR 2,169,500,- up to IDR 3,565,200
  • Police Brigadier: Rp.2.237.400,- up to Rp.3.676.700,-
  • Chief Police Brigadier (Bripka): Rp2,307,400,- up to Rp3,791,700,-
  • Assistant Inspector Two (Aipda): Rp2.379.500,- up to Rp3.910.300,-
  • First Assistant Inspector (Aiptu): IDR 2,454,000,- up to IDR 4,032,600

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Basic Salary of First Officer Rank III Police

police salary

In the third group, the rank of Pama or First Officer there are three ranks with different basic salaries. The following is a breakdown of the basic salary received by rank from the lowest to the highest.

  • Police Inspector Two (Ipda): Rp2,735,300,- up to Rp4,425,200,-
  • Police Inspector One (Iptu): Rp2,820,800,- up to Rp4,635,600,-
  • Assistant Commissioner of Police (AKP): Rp2,909,100,- up to Rp4,780,600

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Middle-ranking Police Officers and High-ranking Officers Group IV

Often called the ideal son-in-law, how much is the salary of the Indonesian police and the benefits?

In the last group, it is divided between Pamen or Middle Officers and Pati or High Officers. The amount of basic salary in group IV also differs according to the rank of the police member concerned. The following is the amount of basic salary received based on their respective ranks.

Middle Officer:

  • Police Commissioner (Kompol): IDR 3,000,100,- up to IDR 4,930,100
  • Adjunct Senior Commissioner of Police (AKBP): IDR 3,093,900,- up to IDR 5,084,300
  • Commissioner (Kombes): IDR 3,190,700,- up to IDR 5,243,400

High Officer:

  • Brigadier General of Police (Brigjen): IDR 3,290,500,- up to IDR 5,407,400
  • Inspector General of Police (Irjen): IDR 3,290,500 to IDR 5,576,500
  • Commissioner General of Police (Komjen): IDR 5,079,300 to IDR 5,930,800
  • Police General: Rp5,238,200,- up to Rp5,930,800,-

Police Performance Allowance

Often called the ideal son-in-law, how much is the salary of the Indonesian police and the benefits?

Apart from receiving a basic salary, members of the National Police also receive monthly allowances. This allowance has been regulated in Presidential Regulation Number 103 of 2018 concerning Employee Performance Allowances within the Indonesian National Police which was issued by President Joko Widodo in 2018. This regulation contains the nominal remuneration of performance allowances or Tukin.

The benefits received by the police are also regulated in the Regulation of the Head of the Indonesian National Police Number 13 of 2015 concerning Procedures for Providing Performance Allowances for Employees within the Police. Referring to these two regulations, police salaries are received at the beginning of every month.

The following are police performance allowances based on Presidential Regulation Number 103 of 2018:

  • Position class 18: IDR 34,902,000
  • Position class 17: IDR 29,085,000
  • Position class 16: IDR 20,695,000
  • Position class 15: Rp14,721,000
  • Position class 14: Rp11,670,000
  • Position class 13: Rp8,562,000
  • Class 12: IDR 7,271,000
  • Position class 11: Rp5,183,000
  • Position class 10: Rp4,551,000
  • Class 9: IDR 3,781,000
  • Class 8: IDR 3,319,000
  • Class 7: Rp2,928,000
  • Position class 6: IDR 2,702,000
  • Position class 5: IDR 2,493,000
  • Position class 4: IDR 2,350,000
  • Position class 3: IDR 2,216,000
  • Position class 2: IDR 2,089,000
  • Position class 1: IDR 1,968,000

So, the salary of Polri members consists of basic salary and allowances. The benefits obtained are adjusted to the class of position he holds. For example: At the non-commissioned level, police officers with the rank of Bripda and Briptu are in the 5th position. Meanwhile, the Deputy Chief of Police with the rank of Komjen belongs to the 18th position class or the highest allowance.

Now, Parents, that’s the amount of police salary that has been regulated by the state. Being a police officer is not easy. It is not only a matter of rank, but must be able to protect the community in accordance with their duties and obligations which have also been regulated by the state.

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