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One Night Stand, will be present as the latest original content for Online Cinema.

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Director’s film Adriyanto Dewo It will air from November 27, 2021. Tells about a brief meeting, but gives a deep meaning.

As revealed by the director, One Night Stand is a story of an encounter as well as a farewell. Which will provide a full journey that will have an impact on those who feel it.

“One Night Stand is the story of a person’s love journey with the story of one day, meeting – marriage – separation, and death. And this journey is taken by two characters who slowly fall in love with each other. One Night Stand is a story about the journey of two humans who meet and then part, as we experience every day,” said Adriyanto Dewo as the director.

Today, November 15, 2021, the official trailer for One Night Stand can be seen.

Through the trailer, the audience can get a little peek at the journey of the characters in the film One Night Stand.

The film stars Putri Marino as Lea, Jourdy Pranata as Baskara, Agnes Naomi as Ayu, and Elang El Gibran as Dimas.

The story itself is about a match that is accidentally found through a journey.
Baskara or Ara accidentally met Lea.

The meeting was in a sad mood, because Ara intended to attend the funeral of someone close to her. But on the same day, Ara also has to attend a wedding.

“Lea and Ara found each other, realized each other, and learned, even though it was the first time they met. Not knowing how it will end. We both feel comfortable,” said Putri Marino, who plays Lea’s character.

Even though it was the first time they met, Ara and Lea learned from each other, asked questions, argued and even challenged life with honesty. The warmth of the two of them might make the audience smile to themselves and maybe remember someone who is now somewhere.

Don’t miss the sweet story of the two through the film One Night Stand which will air in Online Cinemas November 26, 2021.

One Night Stand movie pre-order tickets can be purchased starting November 12, 2021, here .

Viewers can also get a promo price of Rp. 20,000, during the period 12 to 25 November 2021.

The One Night Stand movie can be watched through the website, or through the Online Cinema application, which can be downloaded on the App Store or on the Google Play Store. (cinemas)

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