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Nussa movie singer

NUSSA film by Visinema and The Little Giantz won the award again. After previously successfully winning an image trophy for the Best Animated Film category at the Indonesian Film Festival (FFI), now the official soundtrack for the film, entitled ‘Kejutanku’, won an award at the Anugerah Musik Indonesia (AMI Awards).

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The award was won by Ifa Fachir and Simhala Avadana for the category of Best Children’s Songwriter. AMI Awards itself is the highest award event for the music industry in Indonesia.

Talking about the official soundtrack for the film Nussa, Ifa Fachir and Simhala Avadana said that the song ‘Kejutanku’ is a representation of various scenes in the film NUSSA. “The song Surprise packs everything that is described in this film (NUSSA). So this song can represent several characters. Starting from representing Nussa’s surprise for her parents, to representing the surprise of Abba’s figure.” Obviously Ifa Fachir and Simhala Avadana, the two people behind the success of this song.

Nussa’s film soundtrack entitled Surprise was sung by child actors and actresses from NUSSA, namely Muzzaki Ramdhan (Nussa), Ocean Fajar (Rarra), Malka (Abdul), and Widuri Puteri (Syifa).

This child actor and actress is directly mentored by the composers of the song: Ifa Fachir and Simhala Avadana. Previously, Ifa Fachir has often been involved in making music for feature films, one of which is the Cemara Family.

As for Simhala Avadana, of course we don’t need to doubt her experience in the world of Indonesian music, by displaying a brilliant career through the record company Trinity Optima Production.

Muzzaki Ramdhan (Nussa), Ocean Dawn (Rarra), Malka (Abdul), and Princess Thistle (Syifa) in Nussa’s film soundtrack ‘Kejutanku’

Talking about the beginning of making the song, the producer of the film NUSSA Anggia Kharisma said that the song ‘Kejutanku’ came from his desire to perform a children’s song that is easy to remember.

“I feel like it’s been a long time since I’ve heard children’s songs that are easy listening and easy to remember. What’s more, I want my son, Rigel, to have nursery rhymes that he can enjoy. Therefore, I think it is appropriate to invite Ifa Fachir and Simhala Avadana to collaborate to make the song ‘Kejutanku’. Besides we have often worked together, Ifa and Simhala also have the same vision as me regarding children’s songs.” said Angie.

For friends who are under 12 years old and want to hear and watch live the song ‘Kejutanku’ with the NUSSA film in theaters, welcome to watch the special NUSSA film in cinemas with PPKM level 1 and 2 status on the islands of Java, Bali, and the city of Jayapura. .

In addition, please make sure the family accompanies and adheres to the applicable health protocols.
Have fun on the adventures of NUSSA and its friends in the cinema. (cinemas)

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