Louis Van Gaal’s Gokil Moment, Press Conference Via Zoom

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“To the point of being laughed at by Virgil van Dijk”

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NBCNEWS – It is the duty of a coach to make sure things run smoothly for the team, and it is a responsibility that Louis Van Gaal gladly undertakes.

The Dutch national team coach is known to have just fallen off his bicycle and suffered a minor injury but that did not prevent him from continuing to come to the training ground to lead his team ahead of the crucial match against Norway in the 2022 World Cup Qualifiers.

The former Barcelona and Manchester United coach is seen riding a golf cart. All of that was done by Van Gaal for professionalism, he had to ensure De Oranje reap the full 3 points to be able to qualify directly for the 2022 World Cup finals which will be held in Qatar.

During his career as a tactician, Van Gaal often behaved ‘weirdly’. This incident of falling off a bicycle and riding a golf cart might fall into the ‘weird’ category.

Van Gaal had previously fallen while cycling near the hotel where the Dutch national team was staying. After being taken to the hospital he was diagnosed with a hip injury.

As a result, he was unable to stand normally and had to temporarily get help using a wheelchair and Van Gaal worked around this by coming in a golf cart to practice.

Not only modifying the way he trains, Van Gaal, who is also unable to attend the press conference in person, then uses the Zoom application for virtual press conferences.

It is not uncommon to see the Netherlands captain, Van Dijk, in person in the room, but the coach only appears via a zoom screen.

“Physically I’m not well, lucky my brain is still functioning. I’m in a lot of pain, that’s why I was in the golf cart during practice,” Van Gaal told a news conference.

“I can still do everything and have done all the preparations I usually do.”

Meanwhile, Van Dijk said that the incident that happened to Van Gaal was a shocking thing. And the Liverpool defender couldn’t hide his urge to laugh when he saw his coach’s unique action while riding a golf cart.

He was also made to laugh out loud when he heard Van Gaal’s explanation about the cause of his injury.

However, this is actually nothing new for Van Gaal. The reason is, he had experienced a similar situation when he broke his calf and ankle while coaching AZ Alkmaar in 2007, where he inevitably had to lead several practice sessions from the top of a golf cart.

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