Lawyer Tsania Marwa Calls Attalarik Syach a bad example of selfish parents – Latest Celeb News

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Tsania Marwa feels sad. The conflict over child custody with Atalarik Syach, her ex-husband, has yet to be resolved. In fact, he had already won in court.

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So, until now Tsania Marwa has not been able to sleep well and her life is not calm. This was conveyed by Herdyan Saksono, his attorney.

“The cases of Tsania Marwa and Atalarik Syach are bad examples of selfish parents,” said Herdyan Saksono when contacted by the media, Tuesday (16/11).

Until now, the court still has not carried out the execution of picking up her children from the hands of her ex-husband. This is because the religious court officials carried out the execution because they followed the instructions of the Supreme Court (MA).

“There is no plan (to pick up the children), we are still waiting for PPKM to finish. The Supreme Court has not given the green light to carry out the execution,” concluded Herdyan Saksono.

For this reason, Tsania Marwa now chooses to take legal action in the form of a judicial review (PK) of the decision of the Cibinong Religious Court, Bogor Regency, West Java.

“This Tsunia Marwa is upset that Atalarik is stubborn! Even though it’s just a matter of handing over the children, what’s the problem. He (Atalarik Syach) must submit to the court’s decision, “concluded Herdyan Saksono.

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