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Larissa Chou and Ririe Fairus have the same hobby, a flood of flattery

Dream – Larissa Chou and Ririe Fairus received praise from netizens for having the same hobby, namely watching movies. They both like to watch movies and series on service streaming.

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The similarity of hobbies was known after Larissa Chou made an upload on Instagram. Ayus Sabyan’s ex-wife asked via IG who likes watching movies on weekends.

“Who just watches netflix in their room on weekends?” wrote Larissa Chou on Instagram.

” Me,‘ answered Ririe Fairus.

Larissa Chou© Larissa Chou

Apparently the two women’s hobbies were immediately flooded with comments from netizens. They give praise because apart from having the same hobby, according to netizens they are both strong women.

The reason is, both of them separated from their ex-husband and raised the children under their care.

“@ririe_fairus is there, Riri, all strong women, masya Allah,” wrote the account @reza95513.

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