Henny Rahman Called Accidentally Hit Larissa Chou For Endorse Tariffs, Fans Put Your Body

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NBCNEWS, Jakarta —

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Henny Rahman again shocked the public. His story about being a victim of domestic violence Zikri Daulay was leaked to the public.

Henny shared the story with a close friend on his Instagram Stories. However, one of Henny’s colleagues leaked it instead.

In his statement, Henny admitted that he had received domestic violence from his ex-husband until he had been divorced twice.

“People playing victims, duh gemes want to tell people you are domestic violence, beat me from being pregnant, until suddenly my divorce was not clear,” wrote Henny Rahman.

“2 years of marriage, 2 times playing talak and finally you regret it yourself,” explained Henny Rahman again.

In addition, Henny is also rumored to have insulted Larissa Chou, Alvin Faiz’s ex-wife. He is said to have compared his appearance to Larissa Chou.

Through an upload on one of the gossip accounts, Henny Rahman was called immediately open endorsed in the midst of the excitement of the problem.

Henny set a price of IDR 300 thousand for 2 Instagram Stories and IDR 1.2 million for uploading feeds for one month.

“LATEST VIEWERS UP 1M++ ARE HOT IN TALK. Can you imagine how good the feedback is? Rate Card @ Hennyyrahman (350 Followers) PP Story: temporarily closed (full) Endorse Story: 300k (2 stories) Endorse Feeds: 1.2 million (keep 1 month) ,” reads Henny’s endorsement promo chat circulating on social media.

“VERY ACTIVE INSIGHTS & VIEWERS. Next month, don’t miss the price hike!,” the text reads.

The upload was immediately attacked by various netizen comments. Many suspect that Henny took advantage of this opportunity to gain big profits.

“Dihhh, you’re joking, it hurts the most, even though all this time, cici just stays quiet, she’s too hot,” wrote the netter.

“Well, you already guessed, because it’s just PP to Larissa, Larissa’s 1.7 million followers are far behind her, it’s okay to make a scene so she can get money,” commented netizens.

“His sustenance indirectly comes through Ci Larissa,” added another.


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