Haikal Hasan Says Habib Rizieq Detained in the Ground Room, This is the Police Explanation | NBCNEWS

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Placed in Air-conditioned Building

Responding to the video, the Head of the Public Relations Division of the National Police Headquarters, Kombes Ahmad Ramadhan, confirmed that the news was not true. The police respect every human rights even if the person is a suspect.

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“So in principle, that the Police respect human rights, of course, even though they are suspects, there is certainly no treatment like that, so I will clarify. So if the explanation is underground, people will have a perception underground,” said Ramadhan quoted from Merdeka.com.

Ramadhan ensures that the building occupied by Rizieq Shihab is also suitable for use. Even the building has been equipped with Air Conditioner (AC).

“It’s a decent building, it still uses AC and the air conditioner is 24 hours, so the treatment is the same. So in principle there is no difference, there is no discrimination from one prisoner to another. There is no difference,” he said.

“We don’t see what his status is, but all treatment is the same, everyone gets protection, gets rights. The right to receive food, he has the right to receive health, if he is sick he is treated the same,” he continued.

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