Great! Jakarta High School Students Hold International Business Competition

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NBCNEWS – Street Smart Society, a non-profit organization founded by high school students from Jakarta, successfully held a live event Street Smart Society Business Case Competition (S3BCC), a business and entrepreneurship competition, on November 7, 2021.

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This live event was attended by more than 90 local and foreign participants who competed online via Zoom, where a number of high school students and college students expressed their ideas in creating a business with a social purpose to a panel of judges who are experienced in the field of entrepreneurship.

Carrying the theme ‘Working towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (“UN SDGs”)’, or ‘Working towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals’, S3BCC focuses on the agenda set by the United Nations to address global issues such as social inequality, climate change, and so on.

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The competition participants aged 11 to 19 were assigned to develop a social enterprise concept that focused on at least one of the 17 UN SDGs.

More than 25 teams and 80 participants, both from Indonesia and abroad, presented their business ideas to address various social issues, from decent work and economic growth to environmental sustainability.

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“This business competition was originally held as a fundraising initiative to support the Street Smart Society charity program, but along the way we saw an opportunity to encourage our peers to improve welfare in the community,” said Vanessa Jaya, a high school student from the National High Jakarta School.

“Our goal is to raise awareness about social entrepreneurship, so we are pleased to be able to introduce the concept of social enterprise to participants from both Indonesia and countries outside Indonesia,” said Reina Lee, a high school student from Tunas Muda School who is the Marketing & Communications Director at Street Smart Society.

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In the live event, the finalists from the Junior and General Categories who were selected based on the social purpose business plan gave a live presentation to the panel of judges, which consisted of CEO of Indonesia Maju Financial Merry Huseng, CEO of Indonesian Business Catalyst Susilo Tedjaputera, and CIO Jagartha Advisors Erik Argasetya.

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