Garuda Squad Homework After Defeated by Afghanistan

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“Promising performance from Elkan Baggott.”

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NBCNEWS – Elkan Baggott finally made his debut with the Indonesian national team. Unfortunately, the debut of the Ipswich Town U-23 player was tarnished after the Garuda squad lost 0-1 to Afghanistan in a friendly match at Gloria Stadium Antalya, Turkey, Tuesday (11/16/2021) night WIB.

Even though they lost in the test match, Shin Tae-yong’s team’s game deserves to be appreciated. Baggott et al displayed an attractive game from the early minutes.

Several opportunities were obtained by Indonesia through Witan Sulaeman and Dedik Setiawan in the first round. However, their kick has not met the target.

Tae-yong also did not relax his attack instructions when entering the second half. The former South Korean national team coach attempted an attack that became a weapon even though it had not produced maximum results.

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Assessing Baggott’s Performance

Baggott gave an impressive performance in his debut with the Garuda squad. The Thai-born youth guarded his area perfectly before being replaced by Victor Igbonefo in the 74th minute.

Baggott’s performance deserves to be appreciated, especially this 19-year-old young man had collapsed after his head was hit by an Afghan player’s leg. The match was suspended until Baggott got back up to continue the game.

Unfortunately, after Baggott left the field, Indonesian goalkeeper Muhammad Riyandi finally conceded. Indonesia conceded through an effort by Omid Popalzay five minutes before the dispersal.

Tae-yong doesn’t mind that. The 52-year-old coach actually got input after the match. He admitted that his team still needed improvement before undergoing the 2020 AFF Cup.

Although he did not want to comment, the problem of finishing and transitioning the game from attack to defense is still the main problem. It hopes that the problem will be resolved soon before facing another trial against Myanmar on November 25, 2021.

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