Firm! Demian Aditya Answers Sara Wijayanto’s Issue Calling Vanessa Angel’s Spirit

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Demian and Sara Wijayanto's Household (Instagram/@sarawijayanto)

Demian Aditya clarified the video of his wife, Sara Wijayanto, communicating with the spirit of Vanessa Angel.

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Nur Khotimah

Tuesday, November 16, 2021 | 20:41 WIB

NBCNEWS – It’s hilarious on YouTube videos with uncomfortable narration about Sara Wijayanto. The titles of the videos say that Sara has summoned the spirit of Vanessa Angel.

One of them is a video entitled “SHIVER!! Sara Wijayanto Communication With Vanessa Angel’s Spirit” which was uploaded by the Selerita Everyday YouTube channel.

Not only the title, the YouTube video also intentionally displayed an edited photo of Sara as if she was in front of the grave of the late Vanessa Angel.

The appearance of these videos made Sara’s husband, Demian Aditya, furious. Through his social media account, Demian denied his wife’s involvement in the video.

Demian Aditya and Sara Wijayanto (Instagram/@sarawijayanto)

The famous magician confirmed that the video was completely untrue. In fact he will involve a lawyer to solve this problem.

So far, I’ve been silent, but when it comes to defamation like this, you’re automatically the one who will have to deal with the law with my lawyer.,” said Demian Aditya in an Instagram post made on Monday (11/15/2021).

The title made is NOT CORRECT, and this is included as untrue news and defamation,” continued Damian.

Demian Aditya Answers Sara Wijayanto's Issue Calling Vanessa Angel's Spirit.  (Instagram/@_demianaditya_)
Demian Aditya Answers Sara Wijayanto’s Issue Calling Vanessa Angel’s Spirit. (Instagram/@_demianaditya_)

Furthermore, Demian asked the owner of the YouTube channel listed in the upload to delete their video within 1×24 hours.

Demian also confirmed that his lawyer will contact the parties concerned to ask for accountability. He, of course, strongly objected to the video.

Our lawyers will immediately hold you responsible for the creation of the thumbnails and content,“said the magician who was born on June 19, 1980.

The decisive upload made by Demian Aditya received support from a row of Indonesian artists. They were furious with the actions of these elements.

Vanessa Angel and her husband, Aunt Ardiansyah.  (Instagram/@vanessaangelofficial)
Vanessa Angel and her husband, Aunt Ardiansyah. (Instagram/@vanessaangelofficial)

This is crazy,” said Robby Purba in the comments column. “Beat pap! I got ur back, said Paola Serena.That’s all for adsense,” said Erix Soekamti as if he couldn’t understand it.

A similar reaction was also shown by netizens in Demian’s comment column. They also feel angry to see people who take advantage of the sad news of Vanessa’s death.

Previously, Demian Aditya had been asked to communicate with the spirits of Vanessa Angel and Aunt Ardiansyah. But he refused emphatically.


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