Finally Participated, This Trader Craved To Ride A Bonus Official Car Accompanied By The Regent Of Kulon Progo – Boombastis

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The phenomenon of cravings is a common thing for pregnant women. Suddenly, a passionate desire arises and must be obeyed. It is said that if cravings are not fulfilled, the child who is born later will salivate a lot pee.

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Desire when cravings are usually not far from food. But there are also very strange ones that are difficult to follow. Including the cravings of Laila Umi Karimah who wants to ride the Kulon Progo Regent’s official car.

A street vendor who wants to ride the Regent’s official car

Laila Umi Karimah has a craving for the Regent’s car. [sumber gambar]

There is something strange about the pregnancy of Laila Umi Karimah (28), a street vendor in Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta. He suddenly wanted to take the official car of the Kulon Progo Regent, Sutedjo. As a seller in Wates Square, maybe Laila often sees the Regent’s vehicle passing by so the baby wants to ride the car. Incidentally, the official residence of Regent Sutedjo was on the north side of the square.

Desperate to go to the Regent’s house to fulfill his cravings

Sutedjo, Regent of Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta. [sumber gambar]

The desire to ride the Regent’s car has long appeared. Maybe out of fear, Laila hid it. But finally on Tuesday (9/11/2021), he was desperate to go to the house of Regent Sutedjo accompanied by two fellow traders. Incidentally, the Regent was there, so without delay Laila expressed her desire to ride the car with the AB 1 C plate.

In a tit for tat, Sutedjo immediately granted Laila’s wish

Laila was desperate to go to the official residence of the Regent of Sutedjo. [sumber gambar]

Luckily, Kulon Progo has a Regent as good as Sutedjo. This man, who graduated from the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences UGM, immediately agreed to Laila’s request to ride his official car. Even as a bonus, the Regent accompanied the woman around the city for 15 minutes.

Moved by the kindness of the Regent, he has followed his son’s wishes since he was two months pregnant

Laila was accompanied by Regent Sutedjo in an official car. [sumber gambar]

Feeling so cared for by the Regent, Laila felt touched and happy. To the reporters who covered the story, he said that the craving to ride the AB 1 C car had appeared since the age of two months of pregnancy. Then with the help of Mr. Bimo, the head of the Wates PKL, he managed to meet Sutedjo.

Regent Sutedjo believes that his official car also belongs to the people

For Sutedjo, the Regent’s official car also belongs to the people. [sumber gambar]

Sutedjo admitted that he did not think twice about giving Laila permission to ride in the Regent’s official car. According to him, the vehicle is not his personal property but belongs to many people. He was also touched by being able to fulfill Laila’s cravings. Sutedjo prays that the baby will grow perfectly, smoothly, and safely during childbirth. He also hopes that Laila’s child will be pious or pious.

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Luckily, the mother and the unborn baby were able to ride the official car with Regent Sutedjo. How about you? Have you ever experienced unique cravings like Laila Umi Karimah?

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