Family opposes converting to Christianity, 2 artists run away from home: Some want to be buried in the middle of the rice fields – NBCNEWS

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Alyssa Soebandono's sister, Ananda and his wife

The following two artists chose not to stay at home after their parents found out that he had converted from Islam to Christianity. But with the help of their sister and the help of the Lord Jesus, the two finally reconciled with their families. Now, the relationship between the two artists and their families has improved. So, what is the story of the following two artists regarding their conversion journey? Check out the following reviews.

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Ananda Soebandono converted to Christianity

The conversion journey of Alyssa Soebandono’s brother, Ananda Soebandono, was not smooth. He was rejected by his family.

“I told my family there was a refusal of course. My mother still doesn’t think I will make this decision, even my younger siblings. They know that I don’t feel like a relative, like, ‘Mas, don’t you love daddy, don’t love your family, what’s your sin’, “said Ananda Soebandono in a statement on YouTube DIASPORA TV.

Therefore, Ananda decided not to stay at home until his family calmed down. “I decided not to stay in my house. I’m looking for a boarding house, I’ll come to my house when everything calms down. Until finally my father, my father looked for me to use a smart person, I heard from the smart people saying ‘Ananda’s heart is black, he can’t see anything’, in my heart, ‘God Jesus is that great’. The Lord Jesus is already good, he loves you so much, he shuts everything down.”

Source: Instagram Ananda Soebandono

Until when he wanted to be baptized, the priest asked Ananda to get the blessing of his parents. So, Ananda asked Alyssa for help to be accepted by her parents again. Dude Harlino’s wife also responded well to this problem.

When he arrived home, Ananda Soebandono was warmly welcomed by his family. He couldn’t hold back his tears at that time. Ananda Soebandono then ventured to ask his father’s permission to accept the Lord Jesus and embrace Christianity. Ananda’s father also gave his blessing.

“Finally I met my father, I talked to him and told me why I decided to accept the Lord Jesus, the process and my father’s words were really sharp.”Nanda, no matter what I still love you, you’re my son. If this is your relationship with God, move on’. And there I cried ‘Thank God’, my family can accept who I am now,” concluded Ananda Soebandono, sister of Alyssa Soebandono.

Artist Nania Idol

Nania Idol also received rejection from her family when she converted from Islam to Christianity. He received unpleasant treatment from his mother when he returned home.

“I was dragged away again, my room was kicked again, spit out ‘you are possessed by the devil, Jesus is the devil, not the way of truth, there is no such story’. Every day I get beaten up,” said Nania Idol on YouTube, Yusuf Manabulu.

Until one afternoon, the Pakistani-blooded artist was asked to accompany his mother to a place. “Until one afternoon, my mom suddenly came into the room, she dragged me ‘with me’. I got in the car, for the first time I confessed to God ‘God I’m scared, what should I do now?’ there was a voice, God spoke to me ‘never get out of the car.’

As soon as she arrived at her destination, Nania Idol was asked to return to Islam by her mother. However, because she had heard God speak so that she would not get out of the car, Nania finally went home.

Nania Idol and mother.  Photo: Instagram
Nania Idol and mother. Photo: Instagram

“That’s right, when I arrived at my destination in the middle of the rice fields, there was a hut, people were dragging me, they all took me at the back door, pulled right, pulled left, I was hit, it turns out that my mom will return me to the past. To be converted to Islam again, that’s right (dirukiyah),” he said.

When he got home, his father helped Nania return to Jakarta. Since then, her family has slowly accepted Nania’s conversion.

“(Father) ‘You called your agent, you asked to pick me up’ the next morning my flight was at 7 am, I escaped with the help of my father. Finally I arrived in Jakarta, it really was God working for me, if at that time I agreed to go back to the past, I would never live like this, “concluded Nania Idol.

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