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Enzy also added a head accessory to enhance her appearance.

Dreams – The beautiful artist Enzy Storia often looks stunning on various occasions. This time, she looks very feminine in a dress by designer Sapto Djojokartiko.

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In the photo uploaded to the Instagram account @enzystoria_fashion, Enzy looks really girly and sweet flanked by two of his best friends. The singer and presenter looked beautiful in a transparent black dress.

There are details of small golden yellow flowers on the dress. Enzy also added a head accessory to enhance her appearance.

enzystoria_fashion© Instagram @enzystoria_fashion

Enzy’s dress and headband are collections from homeland designer Sapto Djojokartiko. This dress is priced at IDR 10.6 million.

This “Arnit Organza” dress is designed in a simple way but still gives an elegant impression with the choice of gold color in the floral details.

Enzy also wears an “Embbellished Velvet Headband” headdress with silver cross details on the right and left edges. There is an arrangement of small pearls forming a circle on Enzy’s headband which makes it look feminine. This beautiful headband is priced at IDR 2.5 million.

Report : Siti Sarah Al Hafizd

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3 Enzy Storia’s Luxury Sandals, Stepped on Makes ‘Pain’

Dreams – Presenter Enzy Storia is currently very popular and is often discussed. Her cute and beautiful figure makes many people so curious.

What also caught Enzy’s attention was the outfit she was wearing. Like Enzy’s sandal collection, which turned out to be expensive. Curious about what Enzy’s expensive sandals look like, Dream Friend?

Instagram account @enzystoria_fashion, showing some of the branded sandals that Enzy wears. Let’s see.

1. Hermes

Enzy© Instagram @enzystoria_fashion

The first footwear is sandals flip-flop from brand luxury from Paris, Hermes. Enzy was seen sitting by the pool while wearing a summer outfit combined with the Rubber Chaine Rivage Sandal series of sandals.

This maroon sandal is known to be worth Rp. 4.1 million and has a chain design on the strap-his.

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2. Toga

More expensive than the previous sandals, this time the 29-year-old presenter seemed to be enjoying a cup of coffee while wearing slipper from a Japanese brand called Toga.

Enzy© Instagram @enzystoria_fashion

The Mesh Ballerina Slippers that Enzy uses are made of net on the strap. Looking very unique, this sandal costs Rp. 6.2 million and makes it the most expensive.

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3. Arizona Love

No less unique than the previous sandals, this Enzy sandal is a genuine handcrafted one. This white trekking sandal is known from the Paris brand, Arizona Love.

Enzy© Instagram @enzystoria_fashion

Trekky Faux Pearl Canvas Sandal series, the strap is studded with silver pearls which makes it look very beautiful. These sandals are known to cost Rp. 3.1 million and have thick soles.

Those are some of Enzy’s luxury sandal collections that can also be your inspiration in finding new footwear. (mut)

Report: Elyzabeth Yulivia

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Casual Style, Enzy Storia Turns Out To Bring Tens Of Millions Bags

Dreams – Enzy Storia’s name is now increasingly flying in the presenter and entertainment world. Enzy often appears with a cheerful disposition.

One thing that is always interesting to discuss from Enzy is the outfit she wears. A 29-year-old woman likes to mix and match fun.

Like some time ago, he uploaded a photo of himself wearing a loose blouse. Enzy combined it with black shorts.

His appearance was very casual and it looked like he was relaxing. But it turned out that the bag she was carrying made Enzy look classy.

Revealed by I . accountnstagram/enzystoria_fashion, it turns out that the bag used is from the YSL brand from the Niki Bb Leather series. The shoulder bag has an estimated price of US $ 1950 or IDR 27.7 million.

enzyme© Source: instagram/enzystoria_fashion

Even though it looks simple and casual, it turns out that Enzy uses high-priced fashion items.

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