Driver Vanessa Angel’s Speech Revealed After the Accident, Tubagus Joddy Says This to His Father!

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NBCNEWS, Jakarta —

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After the single accident that took the lives of Vanessa Angel and Aunt Ardiansyah, Tubagus Joddy apparently had time to pour out his heart. This was revealed by Joddy to his father, Tubagus Endang.

To Endang, Joddy shared his sadness over the incident that killed Vanessa and Bibi. Endang suspected that Joddy felt guilty for a single accident that occurred on the JOMO Toll Road KM 672 300, on Thursday (4/11).

“To me it’s just a story like this, ‘why is Joddy okay? Why dad? In fact, the person Joddy loves is the victim’,” said Endang in the Bogor area, West Java, Monday (15/11).

He said the son was shocked and shocked because the single accident caused Vanessa Angel and Aunt Andriansyah to die.

“He also couldn’t believe it,” said Endang.

Joddy seemed to feel guilty to the point of questioning his good condition, while Vanessa and Aunt Andriansyah died.


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