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[KUIS] Travel & Culinary Destinations that are Suitable for Your Personal Enjoyment!

Dreams – The pulse of activity at the airport began to rise after the government relaxed the PPKM provisions. Many people are now preparing to unwind through traveling both at home and abroad, although they are still advised to be aware of the threat of the third wave of Covid-19.

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Enjoying the beautiful scenery while eating typical culinary at the destination is the dream of many people after being ‘locked up’ #at home for the last two years.

[KUIS] Are You Sure You Know Bogor City, Try Testing Your Knowledge?

Let alone traveling to world destinations, the opportunity to breathe fresh air at local tourist attractions is also enough to make the heart happier.

Hayoooo which of the Dream Friends has planned traveling from now on? Which city or country do you want to visit after the Covid-19 pandemic has begun to slither?

Well, if you are still confused about choosing a city or country that will be your traveling destination, Dream Friends you can take the NBCNEWS quiz for fun the following.

By answering some of the questions in the quiz, you will get suggestions of tourist destinations that might suit your character and personality. Let’s try!


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