Denies Jealousy, but these are strict conditions from Henny Rahman if Alvin Faiz wants to meet Yusuf

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NBCNEWS, Jakarta —

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Henny Rahman admits that he is not jealous of Larissa Chou, which seems to be inversely proportional to this figure’s confession. Adit, Larissa Chou’s manager revealed surprising facts about Henny Rahman.

He said that Muhammad Alvin Faiz’s new wife applied strict conditions if the husband wanted to go to Bandung to meet his son, Yusuf. Henny is said to forbid Alvin from going to meet his son if he is not accompanied by him.

“There’s also about the prohibition from the other side. It’s like Alvin can’t go to Bandung without Henny,” Adit said on the Intense Investigation YouTube channel, Tuesday (11/16/2021).

“I heard from the cici house team, from the caretaker (Yusuf).” said Adit.

Adit does not deny that Alvin Faiz rarely visits to meet his only son with Larissa Chou. I don’t know why Alvin finds it difficult to make time for his son. Even though the distance from Jakarta to Bandung is also not too far.


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