Covid-19 is not over yet, another deadly epidemic begins to threaten the world

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NBCNEWS – In the midst of the world’s efforts to solve the Covid-19 problem that has not yet been completed, another deadly outbreak has emerged, namely bird flu which is now starting to threaten the world

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In recent days the World Animal Health Organization (OIE) received reports of outbreaks of bird flu in several places in Asia and Europe.

The reports are a sign the virus is spreading rapidly again.

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The spread of highly pathogenic bird flu has hit the poultry industry very hard.

They are forced to destroy tens of millions of birds to prevent transmission. These outbreaks often result in trade restrictions.

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This situation has also attracted the attention of epidemiologists because the virus can be transmitted to humans.

China has reported 21 human infections with the avian influenza subtype H5N6 so far this year, more than the whole of 2020.

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South Korea reported an outbreak at a farm with 770,000 poultry in Chungcheongbuk-do, the OIE said Monday, citing a report from South Korean authorities. All the animals are then slaughtered.

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