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Charismatic figure, this is the meaning of the name Shaqueena for parents' little daughter

Having a daughter is indeed a matter of pride and happiness for those who have wanted it for a long time. After she is born, the baby will be treated like a queen in her home. This hope fits perfectly with the meaning of the name Shaqueena for a precious daughter.

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Choosing a name for a child should not be arbitrary. The name will become an identity and stick to it for life. When you find a name, Parents also need to study further to find out more about the name.

Likewise with the meaning of the name Shaqueena which may have other meanings in various languages ​​and perspectives. Here are the meanings of the name Shaqueena and the idea of ​​a series of names for a baby girl!

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Arabic meaning of name Shaqueena

Source: unsplash

Shaqueena turns out to be of Arabic origin and is also an Islamic baby name. The meaning of the name Shaqueena is the queen of calm nature. The name is so graceful and sounds very majestic. True to its meaning, the name really has the charisma of a queen.

Shaqueena is also known in Malay and Indonesian which means valuable, meaningful, and has a good meaning. The meaning is not much different from the original meaning.

Something valuable is rightly appreciated and protected like a queen. The name Shaqueena is indeed suitable for girls according to its meaning.

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Numerology meaning of the name Shaqueena

The name “Shaqueena” has a number of digits:

S = 19

H = 8

A = 1

Q = 17

U = 21

E = 5

E = 5

N = 14

A = 1

When added together, the name Shaqueena makes the number 91. Thus, in terms of numerology, the name Shaqueena has a personality as an initiator, pioneer, leader, free, hard worker, and individualist.

Please note that the study of Numerology is not an exact science so it cannot determine a person’s personality with certainty. This is only a prediction so it cannot be used as a basis. However, the interpretation in terms of numerology has a good meaning that can be realized through education and parenting of his parents.

Characters Name Meaning Shaqueena

Charismatic figure, this is the meaning of the name Shaqueena for parents' little daughter

Source: unsplash

Shaqueena has the impression of full of charm and charismatic. She is a graceful figure and has the potential to be the center of attention.

He is able to express ideas and thoughts and work hard to make them happen. Although he has ambition, he is also a person who is sensitive and sincere.

His passion is able to make people fascinated and loved wherever he is. People with that kind of character are suitable to be politicians, actors, or models catwalks.

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Shaqueena Name Set Ideas for Baby Girls

Shaqueena is indeed a beautiful and beautiful name. However, it would be more beautiful when combined with other names to complete its meaning. The following is an idea of ​​​​a series of Shaqueena names complete with their meanings.

Shaqueena As First Name

1. Shaqueena Alina Elnara

the meaning of the name shaqueena

Source: unsplash

Alina means cloth from heaven, while Elnara means a city. Both are Islamic names that match Shaqueena.

Shaqueena Alina Elnara means a queen who wears cloth from heaven and reigns in a city. Of course he meant to reign in the hearts of his parents.

2. Shaqueena Uli Ulana

Uli means beautiful and beautiful, while Ulana means soft and light-hearted. Both are of Arabic origin so they fit perfectly together with Shaqueena.

Shaqueena Uli Ulana means queen who has a beautiful face and a soft heart.

3. Shaqueena Calandra Zea

Calandra is a creative person, while Zea comes from the Arabic Ziya which means shining. When combined, Shaqueena Calandra Zea means a calm-hearted queen with creativity that shines brightly.

The name has a very impressive meaning and is very suitable to be pinned for a prospective female leader.

4. Shaqueena Xarah Radka

Xarah means a person who is not easily influenced, while Radka means happy. Shaqueena Xarah Radka sounds like a modern name. Its meaning is a calm-spirited queen who is not easily influenced and is always happy.

Shaqueena as Middle Name

5. Radika Shaqueena Mega

the meaning of the name shaqueena

Source: unsplash

Radika is a loving, compassionate, and loyal person. While Mega comes from the Greek which means big, great, and mighty.

Radika Shaqueena Mega, when combined, forms the meaning of a queen who is compassionate and great and mighty.

6. Adelia Shaqueena Winona

Adelia means a noble figure, while Winona is a person who is highly respected. The combination of the name Adelia Shaqueena Winona means a queen who has a noble spirit and is always blessed. The name describes the figure of a woman who is great and majestic.

7. Falisha Shaqueena Mahira

Falisha means happiness and luck, while Mahira means smart and clever. The name Falisha Shaqueena Mahira means a queen who is smart and always filled with happiness. The name contains a deep prayer from parents for their children.

Shaqueena as Last Name

8. Haura Ghania Shaqueena

the meaning of the name shaqueena

Source: unsplash

Haura means beautiful-eyed woman, while Ghania is Arabic which means rich. When put together Haura Ghania Shaqueena means a woman with beautiful eyes who is rich like a queen.

9. Salwa Estu Shaqueena

Salwa means sweet like honey, Estu is a Javanese word which means earnest. The name Salwa Estu Shaqueena means a queen of calm soul and has a face as sweet as honey who is serious in her determination.

10. Arunika Dea Shaqueena

Arunika means sunrise, while Dea means Goddess and source of light. Both names represent the beauty of the world. When combined into Arunika Dea Shaqueena which means a queen who has a heart like a goddess with a warm soul like the rising sun.


This is the Arabic origin of the name Shaqueena. Some name series ideas can also be an option for you Parents who wished her little daughter to grow up like a queen.

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