Bilboysan Releases Hip-Hop and RnB Album Filled with Troubles

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NBCNEWS – Rapper Billy Boy Santoso or Bilboysan released their debut album titled Butterflies which was officially released on Friday (12/11) yesterday. As a newcomer to the country’s music industry, Bill admits that being able to produce albums is the dream of a musician, including himself. He didn’t even think that his dream would come true.

Bilboysan revealed, his works are done with all his heart. The 10 songs on the Butterflies album were composed by him, mostly based on his life experiences.

“Initially it was just a dream, I didn’t think it would come true. And at first I wrote music just as an escape from my worries and problems,” said Bilboysan during a press conference at The Plaza, Thamrin, Central Jakarta last weekend.

Butterflies album made by Bilboysan nuanced Hip-Hop and Pop R&B. The lyrics are predominantly in English.

The production of this album cannot be separated from the role of the Producers and Beatmakers from All Good Music Indonesia, namely DJ Slide, Astagah Bonie and Nalello who composed the music and involved Ghani Albar as the Vocal Director. The production of the album itself certainly did not run smoothly, starting from the pandemic that never ended, to determining which materials were included.

“Honestly, my friends are rich, my environment, and my producers. They are rich in my motivation to be better, and the songs I listen to also inspire me,” said Bilboysan.

The name Butterflies for his debut album was taken from the name of the same song from the album. The reason is, this song is quite unique and only created in 30 minutes.

At that time Bill was upset about breaking up with his lover. But he was again intoxicated by romance when he met a woman who is still in touch with him.

“The music beat has been sent by DJ Slide for a long time, but there are no lyrics or notation yet. Until finally there was a moment where I met a girl who caught my attention and yes, I finally wrote a song inspired by her,” concluded Bilboysan.


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