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Become an Interesting Natural and Cultural Tourism Object, This is the Legend of Lake Toba

Lake Toba is one of Indonesia’s proud tourist attractions, especially for the people of North Sumatra. Behind its stunning natural beauty, there is a legend of Lake Toba which until now has been passed down from generation to generation.

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Lake Toba itself is one of the largest lakes in Indonesia. In fact, this lake itself gets the title as the largest volcanic lake in the world.

The area of ​​this lake can reach about 1,130 square kilometers. The length of this lake is about 100 kilometers with a width of about 30 kilometers. On the other hand, the depth level can reach 505 meters or 1657 feet.

Then, what is the story about the origin story of Lake Toba according to the local community?

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The Origin and Legend of Lake Toba

For generations, the people around Lake Toba and the people of Indonesia in general are familiar with folklore about the origin of this largest lake.

This story was also passed down from generation to generation and a journal entitled “Moral Values ​​and Hard Work in the Tale of Lake Toba in Class VII Indonesian Textbooks published by the Book Center of the Ministry of National Education” by Rosmilan Pulungan and Amanda Syahri Nasution was made.

Folklore: Toba and the Golden Fish Princess, the Origin of Lake Toba

Starting in ancient times, Lake Toba was believed to be a dry plain. There lived a man named Toba.

One day, the young man named Toba was fishing as usual. However, that day he caught an unusual fish. He managed to get a magic gold fish.

After being rescued and not eaten, the fish transformed into a beautiful woman. Because of her appearance, Toba finally fell in love with this woman.

Those who are attracted to each other and fall in love eventually get married. From their second marriage, a son, named Samosir, was born.

Before getting married, Toba had promised his wife not to bring up his past. Until they have a baby named Samosir, their lives are getting happier.

Become an Interesting Natural and Cultural Tourism Object, This is the Legend of Lake Toba

However, over time Samosir grew into a child who often tested his father’s patience. One time, Samosir was asked by his mother to deliver food to his father who worked in the fields.

Instead of delivering, he actually played together with his friends. He, who was tired after playing football, even ate food for his father.

Seeing the behavior of the child, Toba was furious. He lost his temper and finally got angry and cursed Samosir.

“You are a fish child,” he said angrily at the child.

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Consequences of Broken Promises

The promise that had been made to his wife in the past was immediately violated with these words. A miraculous event occurs after Toba breaks his promise.

From Toba’s feet came springs that flowed so fast. The spring could not stop in any way. The longer and swifter, the springs drowned Toba, even the whole village where he lived.

The wife returned to her original form as a fish, then plunged herself into the water that had become the lake. On the other hand, Samosir managed to escape after running up the hill in the middle of the lake. The island in the middle of the lake is finally called Samosir Island.

Become an Interesting Natural and Cultural Tourism Object, This is the Legend of Lake Toba

The legend of Lake Toba is the main attraction for this tourist spot

Now, Samosir Island and Lake Toba are one of the natural and cultural attractions that are still very thick and popular. In addition to the attractiveness of Lake Toba as the largest volcanic lake in the world, Samosir Island is no less in the spotlight.

Samosir Island itself holds the title of the top five islands in the middle of the largest lake in the world. This area is almost the same as Singapore, you know.

When visiting this area, tourists can tour the distinctive culture that is still thick by visiting several historical places such as the Huta Bolon Museum, to visiting the Tomb of King Sidabutar.

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That is the folklore and legend of Lake Toba that has been passed down from generation to generation. Hopefully we can learn lessons from the story that has become a cultural heritage.


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