Beautiful Shiny and Dandruff-Free Hair Just Use Hair Tonic

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NBCNEWS – The main benefit offered by hair tonic is that it makes hair look shinier.

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Most hair tonics contain pentanol, which is a chemical made from pantothenic acid or vitamin B5. These active components protect hair by locking in moisture.

This function turns out to produce hair that is shinier, softer, and stronger.

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Pentanol is even known to slow down and hide thinning hair.

That’s why, you can choose a hair tonic that contains pentanol to get optimal benefits.

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As one of the hair products that can nourish the scalp, a number of hair tonics can actually help reduce dandruff.

For example, the climbazole content in some hair tonics is antifungal, so it can relieve fungal infections of the scalp.

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This fungal infection of the skin can cause eczema and dandruff.

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