Appearing at the 2021 AMI Awards, Lesty Kejora won 3 awards, what are they? – Gossip

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Lesty Kejora is getting more mature in her work in the world of singing.

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The beautiful woman who was born in West Java again proved her existence in the world of Indonesian music.

Not kidding, the wife of actor Rizky Billar successfully brought three trophies at the Anugerah Musik Indonesia (AMI) Awards 2021.

The 2021 Indonesian Music Award itself was successfully held on Monday (15/11) last night.

Lesty Kejora managed to get four nominations, and from the four nominations she won three awards.

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Among other things, the Best Male/Female Song 2021 with the title Kulepas With Sincerity. The Best Songwriter with the title Kulepas With Ikhlas by Adubal Sahrul, and the Best Religious Song Duet entitled Bismillah Cinta with Ungu.

“The best male/female song at AMI 2021, the winner is Lesti Kejora,” said Mahalini and Nuka, who read out the nominations last night.

Hearing this, then Lesty immediately received a standing ovation and a warm hug from her husband.

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Full of emotion, Lesty walked forward and took the trophy of the pride of the Indonesian music man.

“Thanks to Allah SWT, my family, my beloved husband who accompanied me tonight. I didn’t think I could get this. This is a very extraordinary appreciation,” he said.

Lesty also briefly performed a duet with Judika performing the song Es Lilin with an extraordinary arrangement, namely Jazz on the AMI Awards 2021 stage.

Furthermore, in the last four years, Lesty Kejora has always received an award at the AMI Awards. This is proof that Lesty is a singer who is appreciated for her achievements.

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