Already Met Memes Prameswari’s Mother, Billy Syahputra Will Get Married Soon? – Latest Celeb News

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Artist Billy Syahputra seems to be getting serious about his relationship with Memes Prameswari. Although the relationship has not been officially announced, Olga Syahputra’s younger brother claimed to have met and met Memes’ parents, namely his mother.

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“No, haven’t found it yet. Oh, yes, if you get to know him, it’s okay, if you met his mother it was a long time ago,” said Billy Syahputra when met in the Senayan area, Central Jakarta, Monday (15/11).

Not only that, Memes’ mother has also visited Billy Syahputra’s residence accompanied by his son, Memes.

“Once, Memes’s mother came to the house and kept on with Memes too, it was a lot of fun,” said Billy.

However, the man who is familiarly called Bang Billy is still reluctant to comment on the seriousness of his relationship with Memes. He seems to still want to explore each other, before deciding to get married.

“But for now, I’m still relaxed, but at least I know Memes’ parents. Thank God, it’s very open, okay, Memes’ mother, “he concluded.

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