Accused of changing religions, this is Shandy Aulia’s response: I choose what I believe in

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NBCNEWS, Jakarta —

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Shandy Aulia clarified the news that said he had changed his religion. Even though the star of the Eiffel I’m In Love film never gave that statement.

“I need to clarify and clarify, I have never changed religion,” said Shandy Aulia on Instagram Story on Monday (11/15/2021).

Samuel Rizal’s co-star emphasized that it was true that he was born to parents of different religions. But since he was a teenager, he has determined his beliefs.

Shandy Aulia became a Christian, just like her mother. While his father and brother are Muslims.

“I chose a belief, not a change of religion. There is no religious conversion,” he said.

Shandy Aulia also asked that the reporting be in accordance with the facts and not lead to opinions. Moreover, discussing religion is a very sensitive matter.

“For me, religion is my personal domain with God. Thank you,” said the mother of one.


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