8 Casual Dress Ideas for Casual Theme Prewedding Photos. Even though it’s simple, it’s still elegant

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For those of you who don’t like the hassle of choosing a photo concept pre-wedding, You can choose a casual or semi casual concept. Well, even though later you choose pre-wedding With a casual concept, you and your partner still need to consider your fashion theme, so that the results are still elegant and satisfying.

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Here are 8 dress-and-match ideas that you can use as a casual style reference no complicated for you and your partner to wear when taking photos pre-wedding later. Check it out!

1. The first casual fashion idea, you and your partner can use a plain black shirt. No adventurous!

3. Next, dress color nude and a black suit can also be your choice to get a casual look on your photos. To add a casual impression, mix the same sneakers White color

3. Using pastel color clothes can also be your choice and your partner to support the concept of casual photos pre-wedding We. You can also wear additional accessories such as sunglasses to add a casual and relaxed impression

4. You can imitate black and white striped shirts like this. For the guy, you can freely use long or short pants, and for girls it is recommended to use a short skirt or 7/8 to make it look more feminine.

5. Next, your casual look will look very relaxed but attractive by wearing the same denim jacket as your partner

6. In addition to black and pastel colors, white clothes can also be an option. If, you use hijab you can mix and match with milo color hijab or latte

7. Mix and match You can also sample black and brown tops and bottoms like this so that the color of your casual look is not monotonous

8. Sweaters model turtleneck brown color combined with pants or skirts as well as sneakers can also be your inspiration. Although the impression is very relaxed, but it looks attractive coupled with black glasses like this

Well, in this way, you can maximize the collection of clothes you have, without having to rent it. Even if you have to rent, it shouldn’t be as expensive as if it’s your fashion theme black tie more official. So, which fashion style would you like to try?


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