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Alvin Faiz and children

After divorcing from Larissa Chou and marrying Henny Rahman, Alvin Faiz’s relationship with his son and biological son is in the spotlight. It is rumored that he loves his continued son, Alvin Faiz in fact still often uploads togetherness with his biological son, Muhammad Yusuf Alvin Ramadhan.

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Alvin Faiz’s togetherness with Yusuf is indeed much reduced after his divorce from his ex-wife. Apart from having custody of Larissa Chou, now they live far apart.

So, what is the portrait of Alvin Faiz with his continued son and biological son? Parents you can see the following review.

Alvin Faiz’s Togetherness with Connected Children and biological children

1. Larissa Chou insinuated for being more considerate of the children connected

Portrait of Alvin Faiz and his biological son Yusuf together./IG @alvin_411

After marrying Henny Rahman, Alvin Faiz automatically got the role of the father of Muhammad Zayn El Barack Daulay. Meanwhile, his biological son, Yusuf Alvin Ramadhan, lives with Larissa Chou.

Often showing togetherness with her child, Larissa Chou had time to make satire. The ex-wife asked Alvin Faiz to share his attention and still put his biological child first.

Yusuf did not understand that his brother already had another child. Yusuf did not understand what had happened because Yusuf had a lack of communication. My message to abi Yusuf is only 1, please keep Yusuf first. The rest I don’t care,” wrote Larissa Chou via IG story hers.

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2. The younger brother reveals Alvin Faiz’s love for his son

Alvin Faiz and children

IG @alvin_411

Still often fighting, it became the spotlight when Alvin Faiz took the car that Larissa Chou used to take Yusuf. Larissa Chou admitted that she had no problem with this and only replied that she was sincere. It wasn’t long before Larissa Chou bought a new car to take her and her child.

In response to this, Alvin Faiz’s sister, Ameer Azzikra, revealed that the car was indeed lent by Alvin to his ex-wife to take his child.

“Bang Alvin loves Yusuf, which means that later Yusuf’s needs, God willing, Alvin will fulfill them. Yes, indeed, maybe Alvin has a need so he wants to use the car again, I see. So what’s the harm,” said Ameer Azzikra

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3. The relationship between Alvin Faiz and his son from Henny is in the spotlight

Muhammad Zayn El Barack Daulay

IG @alvin_411

Called forgetting Yusuf, in fact Alvin Faiz is also trying to pay attention to his son, Muhammad Zayn El Barack Daulay. This can be seen when Zayn is celebrating his second birthday. Alvin was seen uploading a photo with his child while saying a few messages and prayers.

Dear Zayn, even though he’s not your biological brother, he’s trying to be a good brother to you. My love for you is the same as my love for my own child,” wrote Alvin on his Instagram account.

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4. Abi’s call from Zayn for Alvin is disputed by Zikri Daulay

Alvin Faiz and children

IG @alvin_411

After marrying Henny, Alvin is known to often upload togetherness with his son, Zayn continued. Alvin also calls himself Abi (father in Arabic) of Zayn.

However, the call that Alvin used with Zayn made Zikri Daulay react. This incident started with a question from one of the netizens on Instagram story on Monday (15/11/2021) who asked about the call for stepfathers.

Zikri Daulay immediately responded by including an article about the law calling his stepfather Abi. According to him, it is better to use another nickname such as Mr. or Father. The answer was then considered as a reaction to Zayn’s nickname for Alvin Faiz who was his stepfather who used the name Abi.

5. Even though they are separated, Alvin Faiz expresses his affection for Yusuf

5 Portraits of Alvin Faiz with Connected Children and Biological Children, Become the Spotlight of Netizens

IG @alvin_411

In the midst of various spotlights and accusations that cornered him, Alvin Faiz still tried to remain calm. Not to forget, he also expressed his love for Yusuf, who now lives separately from him. Alvin tries to express his unchanging affection.

Everything changes, but my love for you never will, i’ve loved you since you were born, and nobody, not even time, will change that,“Alvin said with a heart emoticon. His wife, Henny responded to this remark by pinning the same emoticon.

Those are some of the portraits of Alvin Faiz and his children that have recently been in the spotlight of netizens.


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