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15 Most Recommended Tourist Attractions in Manado

Want to vacation in Manado but confused about what to visit? Don’t be confused, Mother, here is a list of tourist attractions in Manado that you really must stop by while on vacation there. Want to go to the mountains, to the beach, to the sea, to culinary, there is! Come on, check it out!

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15 The Most Recommended Tourist Attractions in Manado

1. Bunaken National Park

Image: Truss Trip

Manado is the capital of North Sulawesi Province which is famous for its beautiful nature and scenery. Besides being famous for its Bunaken Beach, there are still many tourist attractions in Manado and also exciting culinary delights. Before discussing anything else, let’s check out what’s in Bunaken National Park.

To Manado but haven’t visited Bunaken National Park, it’s not legal yet, Mother! Bunaken has the beauty of extraordinary marine life. There are about 58 types of coral reefs and 90 species of fish that live there, as well as the Hawksbill Turtle which is already rare. This variety of marine life is what makes UNESCO a ‘world heritage’.

There are also 20 spots diving which you can choose to enjoy coral reefs with visibility to the fish and the seabed which is only 20 meters. The view on the ground is no less stunning. Bunaken Beach is so exotic with mangrove plants and tall trees that are soothing.

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2. Lake Linow Tomohon

15 Most Recommended Tourist Attractions in Manado

Image: Hipwee

Launch Celebes.co, he said Lake Linow is predicted to be one of the lakes with the most beautiful views on the island of Sulawesi.

The beauty of this lake is also no secret, especially the color of the lake water which can change according to the condition of the lakebed which adjusts to the weather. Sometimes green, sometimes blue, sometimes even turning brown. He said, this change was influenced by volcanic activity at the bottom of the lake which is still there and active today.

3. Jesus Blessing Statue

tourist attractions in manado

Image: Detik Travel

The statue is similar to Christ the Redeemer Statue the one in Rio de Janeiro, yes, Mother. The majority of the Manadonese are Christians, that’s why this statue was made there. This statue was made in the hope that God will always bless the city of Manado. In addition, it is also a symbol of inter-religious harmony.

The height of the statue of the Lord Jesus Blessing reaches 50 meters with a slope of up to 20 degrees. From the position of the statue you can see the beautiful view of Manado City, also Manado Tua Island, Bunaken, and Mount Kablat.

The location of this statue is in the Citraland Manado Residential Area. Precisely in Winangun Satu, Malalayang District, Manado City. To get there you have to climb stairs from the side of the trail, and it’s free.

4. Siladen Island, a Beautiful Tourist Place in Manado

tourist attractions in manado

Image: People’s thoughts

It is located in the Bunaken National Park Area, in the northeast. To reach it you have to use a motor boat. This island is circular in shape with a flat plain of 31.25 hectares where the beauty of the white sand really spoils your eyes.

For those of you who like to dive or snorkel, it fits here. Don’t forget to bring a water camera, yes, Mother, so you can capture all its beauty.

5. Manado Tua Island

tourist attractions in manado

Image: KSM Tour

This island is also in the Bunaken National Park area and consists of several beaches with slightly white sand pink, namely Apeng Datu Beach, Apeng Gugu, Apeng Salah, and Batu Layar.

If you intend to sunbathe, just choose which beach you want to sunbathe on. In addition to sunbathing, you will be very satisfied to enjoy the beauty of the sunset, visit the mangrove forest, also interact with dugongs or dolphins.

In the waters of this island, the coral reefs are still natural. And from the shoreline, you can see the cluster volcano which is the backdrop of the island.

6. Malalayang Beach

tourist attractions in manado

Image: Pantainesia

The sand on Siladen Beach is black. The water game facilities here are very complete, starting from diving, snorkeling and others.

The location is not far from the center of Manado City, so if you want to visit here and go home for the day, you can, Mother. From downtown Manado to Malalayang Beach it is only about 4 km or about 10 minutes.

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7. Peak Tetetana Kumelembuai

15 Most Recommended Tourist Attractions in Manado

Image: Seconds Manado

This is a tourist spot in Manadi which has a highland concept, perfect for those of you who have a hobby of climbing. From the height of Tetetana Kumelembuai you can see the beauty of the city of Manado. This place is also visited by many at sunrise or sunset.

8. Lahendon Forest

15 Most Recommended Tourist Attractions in Manado

Image: Travel ID

The beauty of the row of lush pine forests in the Lahendong Forest will make you hypnotized. The air here is also very cool and makes you feel at home for long here. In the Lahendon Forest there is also a crater of hot water originating from volcanic activity. You can imagine, right, the excitement.

9. Gunung Payung, Tourist Attractions in Manado for Those Who Like Heights

tourist attractions in manado

Image: Manado

One of the coolest tourist destinations in Manado which is highly recommended to climb. Its name is Gunung Payung, the land above the clouds which is touted as the paradise of the heights of Manado City.

A little information, this is a location that has a fairly heavy terrain because the slope reaches 45 degrees. So before climbing, prepare everything carefully, yes.

10. North Sulawesi People’s Struggle Museum

tourist attractions in manado

Image: iTrip

Visiting the museum is also very important to know the history and increase your knowledge, Mother. In the Museum of the People’s Struggle of North Sulawesi, objects related to the founding of the city of Manado are stored. In addition to historical objects, historical records in the form of books and photos of heroes are also complete.

11. Jiko Beach Benchmark

tourist attractions in manado

Image: Republika

Manado is famous for its beaches. One of the beaches that you must visit in Manado is Patokan Beach Jiko. This beautiful beach with white sand has a very beautiful beach arch, and its location is also still hidden surrounded by cliffs.

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12. Canadian Beach

15 Most Recommended Tourist Attractions in Manado

No, this is not Canada in North America. Apparently, this beautiful beach with white sand and clear water can be called Canada Beach because originally this beach was guarded and cared for by a Canadian citizen.

13. Manado Skyline

15 Most Recommended Tourist Attractions in Manado

Image: Cendana News

This tourist spot in Tetempangan Hill is no less exciting than a trip to the beach, Mother. It is located 568 meters above sea level, where from that height you can see the expanse of clove and coconut plantations, enjoy the beauty of the sunrise and sunset, to see full moon. If your guts are strong enough, don’t forget to try paragliding and enjoy the Manado Skyline.

14. Manado City Lighthouse

tourist attractions in manado

Image: Tourism Directory

Manado city lighthouse is located in Pinaesaan which is not too far from the city center. You can climb the lighthouse of the Dutch heritage and see Manado City from a height while feeling the breeze blowing your hair.

15. Tangkoko National Park

15 Most Recommended Tourist Attractions in Manado

Image: Traveling Yuk

This is a place to live for local animals and rare animals in Manado, such as several types of primates and other types of animals. This place is also the spearhead in the fight against the extinction of Manado’s native animals, and saves them from poaching and environmental damage. If you intend to learn about the native animals of Manado, just try visiting this place, okay?

Those are 15 tourist attractions in Manado that are highly recommended if you go on vacation there. Come on, Mother, visit everyone!

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