Very easy! Here are 6 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Body Odor

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Disturbing body odor sometimes makes a person feel insecure. Especially when it comes to romance, duh! Well, actually how to get rid of body odor is very easy. How to? This time we will share 6 natural ways to get rid of body odor. Is there any way? Let’s just discuss the first list below!

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1. Shower the Right Way

The basic thing to get rid of body odor naturally is to take a shower the right way. How do you do that? Perhaps the most common thing is to shower 2 times a day. Besides being able to clean bacteria and viruses, it is also very effective at eliminating body odor. Make sure you clean all areas of your body, including sweat-prone areas like your armpits.

In addition, choosing the right bath soap is also an important factor when taking a shower. Because body odor also arises due to certain bacteria such as staphylococcus hominis. So you need to choose a soap that has an antibacterial and antiviral label so that the bacteria that cause body odor and viruses die. Then after bathing, don’t forget to dry your body with a towel, so that the bacteria that cause body odor are difficult to breed.

2. Pay Attention to Food and Beverage Intake

Did you know that there are foods that cause body odor, and vice versa, eliminate body odor. How come? We will give some examples. Foods that can cause body odor are red meat because it contains fatty acids, fish with choline content, vegetables containing sulfur, and so on junk food because it contains saturated fat, sugar, salt, and hydrogenated oil that can cause unpleasant body odor. Wow, that’s a lot!

We believe that the types of foods that cause body odor will be difficult to avoid, therefore there are some foods that actually help eliminate body odor naturally. Examples are green vegetables that are high in chlorophyll such as basil, high-fiber foods, citrus fruits, herbal teas, and apple cider vinegar. Some examples of these foods and beverages contain effective ingredients to reduce body odor. Another alternative is to drink mineral water regularly according to medical advice, because it can clean toxins in the body, including the cause of body odor.

3. Use Deodorant

The next natural way is to use deodorant that can be applied to body folds such as armpits to reduce body odor. If you don’t like branded deodorants, then you can try deodorants made from organic and natural ingredients such as tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar, and coconut oil. These three natural ingredients contain antibacterial substances that can eradicate the bacteria that cause body odor.

However, tea tree oil and apple cider vinegar can sting when applied, so you need to test it on your skin first, or consult a dermatologist first. But the safest is to use coconut oil because it can be applied even to sensitive skin. How to use it is to prepare half a cup of coconut oil, a quarter cup of baking soda, and mix well. Then apply on the folds of the body such as the armpits.

4. Choose the Right Clothes

It turns out that choosing the wrong clothes can cause body odor, you know! Yep, there are several types of fabric that are not recommended for people with body odor. What are the types? The first is rayon fabric which is made from semi-synthetic fibers. This material is known for being light, smooth, and thin, but it is difficult to evaporate sweat into the air, causing skin irritation and body odor. Other materials are silk which is difficult to absorb sweat, polyester which can make it easier for bacteria that cause body odor to breed, and nylon which is not easy to absorb water and sweat.

If there are clothes that are bad for body odor, of course there are also recommended ones to reduce body odor! Are there any clothing materials? The first is cotton which can absorb sweat well because of its large fabric pores. In addition, there are linen materials that have a smooth texture and wool which warms the body but does not cause body odor. Well, whatever the clothes, keep using quality detergents and clothes deodorizers!

5. Diligent shaving hair that is often closed

Dense hair growth in the folds of the body and which is often closed can make it more humid so it is prone to be a breeding ground for bacteria that cause body odor. So the hair in that area needs to be shaved regularly so that body odor disappears completely! But be careful, shaving the hair in the armpits with a blunt and unsterile shaver will trigger red bumps that are quite annoying, and irritate. So you must know how to shave the right way, how?

It’s not that hard! First, make sure the underarms are wet and clean before shaving. Then remove the dead skin cells in the armpits using a gentle scrub. Then coat the armpits with shaving cream or soap foam and start shaving the hair in the armpits from outside to inside, then from right to left. Position the palm of the hand touching the shoulder of the same arm to facilitate the shaving process. Make sure your shaver is sterile and sharp!

6. Exercise diligently

The last way to get rid of body odor naturally is to exercise regularly. You know, doesn’t exercise make your body sweat? Please note that body odor does not come from sweat, but one of them from bacteria called staphylococcus hominis. Actually sweat does not smell really! Well, by exercising, the pores of the body will remove the bacteria that cause body odor.

Don’t forget to apply the methods above in full to get rid of body odor naturally forever! Well, do you know of any other natural way? If so, let us know in the comments!

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