Vanessa Angel’s Mother-in-law Unravel Tubagus Joddy’s Behavior, Ngenes Pol!

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NBCNEWS – Vanessa Angel’s mother-in-law suddenly became emotional. Aunt Ardiansyah’s biological mother exposed Tubagus Joddy’s behavior. It’s filled with pol.

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To note, Tubagus Joddy has been named a suspect. He was thrown into the Jombang Police Detention Center.

Tubagus Joddy was charged with Article 310 paragraph (4) and/or Article 311 paragraph 5 of Law Number 22 Year 2009 concerning Road Traffic and Transportation (Law LLAJ).

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Article 310 paragraph (4) of the LLAJ Law and Article 311 paragraph (5) read with a threat of 12 years in prison.

But that did not necessarily make Aunt Ardiansyah’s family calm. The emotional atmosphere was even recorded.

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It happened when Tubagus Joddy’s family came and apologized to Aunt Ardiansyah’s family.

Faisal, Aunt Ardiansyah’s father, confirmed that Tubagus Joddy’s family came to their residence.

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There was Tubagus Joddy’s negligence which was acknowledged by his family. And that negligence made Aunt Ardiansyah and Vanessa Angel died.

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