Upload Evidence of Alvin Faiz’s New Wife Insulting Physically, Larissa Chou: A Person’s Value Is Not Seen From Physical

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Larissa Chou and Alvin Faiz are known to have officially separated since May 2021. Now Alvin has remarried Henny Rahman, the ex-wife of Rizky Daulay.

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Living each other’s lives does not rule out the possibility of all problems being over. It is known that on Saturday (11/13/2021) Larissa Chou again shocked netizens with her uploads screenshot a message from Henny Rahman which he uploaded on Instagram. It turns out that this stems from several problems that occur behind it, what are they? Here’s the chronology.

Everything began to be revealed since Larissa’s upload on Instagram which showed screenshot insulting message from Henny

Upload a message from Henny for Larissa/ credit: IG Larissa Chou

Larissa uploaded screenshot insulting message sent by Henny Rahman. He consciously admitted that his act of uploading this message was not true. But as an ordinary human being, he could no longer contain his disappointment.

“I admit the way I brought this up on social media isn’t 100% correct but that doesn’t mean I intentionally want to retaliate this is how I stand up and defend myself. I’m also an imperfect human, don’t expect too much from me, but I’m very grateful to people who support and pray for me.”

It is clear in the upload containing a message from Henny which confirms that he is not jealous of Larissa. He revealed that he was considered more beautiful and kind in the eyes of the Faiz family than Larissa.

Responding to this problem, the @timrumahcici account managed by Larissa employees also explained the beginning of the incident

Henny’s SMS to Larissa started with @timrumahcici’s upload which revealed Henny Rahman’s attitude which was considered jealous. This attitude is considered to hinder access between Alvin Faiz as the father of Yusuf, the fruit of his love with Larissa Chou.

“Would you like to tell me about the behavior of the ex-boss and his new wife? Because we’re tired of being serious too.” wrote the Rumah Cici team in a series of Instagram Stories compiled by Instagram @lambeturah_official.

“Humans are really immature so that it has to be Yusuf who gets hit, Cici Teh is also really fed up but she just keeps quiet, we are excited guys,” he wrote.

They admitted that Alvin had blocked one of the WhatsApp messages from Yusuf’s caregiver. They also questioned the loss of Yusuf’s Instagram.

“Until Yusuf’s IG was removed because of jealousy, WA one of us was also blocked, more precisely the one who took care of Yusuf, because he was jealous,” he said again.

“If you’re on a video call with your child, you still hear cici’s voice, you immediately turn off the video call because you’re afraid of your new wife. It’s all okay, guys, but when Yusuf’s Instagram was removed, sir?” he said.

Larissa ended up apologizing and providing clarification regarding the upload of Henny’s message that she had withdrawn

Ig story Larissa Chou

So far, Larissa Chou has never had a problem with Alvin’s wife. He also gave gifts and also expressed condolences for Henny’s grandmother who died. He also apologized on behalf of his workers who had reprimanded Alvin and Henny via social media. Then he asked for mutual introspection to become a better person.

“And in my last text. I just asked him to be wiser and introspection. I also apologize if the way my employees reprimanded H and A was the wrong way. Including I also apologize on behalf of myself, “ explained on Instagram Story, Sunday (11/14/2021)

Larissa said that before being posted on social media, her apology was met with insults and satire. At first, Larissa chose to ignore it, but the insults only got worse.

“But the reply sms is like the one I posted. The texts are even longer and physically insulting and demeaning to me. bringing along A’s family and friends who he said praised him,” he wrote.

Larissa admitted that the message she conveyed was about children, but Henny instead attacked her. He revealed that jealousy is natural, this was also conveyed by Larissa to Henny. “I pray for them too.” he concluded.

Larissa revealed that she did not care about physical matters. She just wants to focus on being an independent woman and a good mother for Yusuf

Ig Story Larissa Chou responds to physical insults

“I don’t care about the physical because I see the value of someone not from the physical. In fact, I closed the physical when I decided to embrace Islam, I immediately wore the hijab. I also don’t think I’m as pretty as usual. I just focus on being an independent woman…and a good mama for Yusuf,” wrote Larissa replying to physical insults that came to her.

Before the chronology was revealed, Alvin as an ex-husband had also uploaded a message on Instagram allegedly responding to this problem. He asked that everything should be resolved properly without the need for the media to be involved.


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