Trying the Aesthetics of Goa Agung Garunggang – Trekking Tour Conquering Slippery Rocks

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NBCNEWS – Tired of that tour- it keeps going? Try it, you guys go on vacation to an unusual tourist spot. For example, by leaving for Goa which will make your vacation more exciting. Wow, believe in Goa? rest assured! You can try visiting the Great Cave of Garunggang in Bogor.

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How interested in this Goa? well before leaving there, let’s follow the information first. Goa is unique and certainly interesting for us to know.

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Goa Agung Garunggang is a small hidden cave. This cave has a unique entrance. The door seems to be gaping vertically and very wide. This cave is still very rarely visited by tourists, so it can be said that the cave is still natural.

Agung Garunggang Cave is a very unique geopark area or geological heritage. This area is approximately 6,000 to 7,000 m2. When viewed from the grooves found in the rock, it seems to have been eroded by the flow of water. In this cave there is a Hanging Stone and a natural bathing pool.


* Stairs
* Tour guide
* Photo spots
* Rock climbing
* Shop

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Entrance ticket

Entrance to this cave is also free, you only need to pay parking fees and a guide to a guide as sincere as you are.

Tourist Address and Location

To be able to enter the cave, you must go down to the bottom because this cave is located at the bottom of the ground. There is no lighting in the cave, so you must bring your own flashlight when entering.

Inside the cave, you will see beautiful stalactites, you also have to pass through a small gap that can only fit 1 person. Of course, in this place a guide suit is also provided so that you will know which places you must visit.

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Goa Agung Garunggang Geopark and Batu Hang are located in Cigobang, Karang Tengah Village, Kec. Madang Babakan. Places that can be used as benchmarks are Jungleland and Leuwi Hejo. If you are already in Sentul, find Jungleland then follow the path leading to the village.

Pic : @sharonngast

Find a banner about Goa Agung Geopark and follow the various directions and don’t forget to ask the locals to make sure you’re not on the wrong track. Information from travel companions that the route to Goa Agung Garunggang is the same as going to Leuwi Hejo.

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