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What is happiness at the end of life? For grandparents, resting at home alone in peace, accompanied by children and grandchildren is definitely a perfection of life. However, it seems that this happiness is still far from being felt by the elderly, including this woman selling drinks in Surabaya, East Java.

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A video uploaded by the TikTok account @menthueel, provides an overview of the difficult life of a grandmother. Instead of living happily with his children and grandchildren, he actually had to fight until old age. There is no house, only a cupboard in the corner of the shop as a place to rest.

Live alone, have no bed, rest in the closet

Investigate a calibaration, it turns out that this grandmother had always lived alone. He does not have a life companion and a baby to fill his old days. The only friends he has are probably the buyers and the packaged drinks he sells.

Grandma selling drinks sleeping in the cupboard. [sumber gambar]

Apart from not having a reliable family, this grandmother also has a small shop as her home. There was no bed to lay on his frail body. When drowsiness strikes, he can only fold himself and tuck himself into a narrow closet.

Judging from her sleeping position, grandma endures discomfort while resting

The friendly grandmother did not hesitate to show her how she slept in a wooden cupboard. Standing with his back to the closet door, he slowly backed away and put his head first. After half his body was in the closet, he pulled both legs and was put into the narrow space. It looks really uncomfortable and this grandmother has to do it every day, I don’t know since when.

Grandma selling drinks sleeping in the cupboard. [sumber gambar]

Met by TikTok account @menthueel, while making ordered drinks, grandma shows the wooden cupboard where she rests. He admitted that he was forced to live a life like that, because he did not have the money to rent a place to live. Meanwhile, to defecate, the grandmother stayed at the banking office near the place where she sold it.

Have you ever rented someone’s kitchen but couldn’t stand the rent?

The grandmother is known to be friendly and likes to joke with buyers. [sumber gambar]

The drink seller’s grandmother also told me that she had tried to rent a place to live. But even to live in a kitchen, he has to pay Rp. 10 thousand. It seems that for the relatively cheap rent, the grandmother was unable to fulfill it, so she chose to live in her shop which is located around Embong Kenongo, Surabaya, East Java.

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Don’t forget, the owner of the @menthueel account who uploaded this video invites viewers to sell the grandmother’s sales. Come on, residents of Surabaya who are still having fun, stop by this grandmother’s shop to just quench their thirst and chat with her.

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