This Artist Reveals the Bitter Experience of Being Persecuted by Mother Every Day After Deciding Apostasy: You Are Possessed by a Devil!

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NBCNEWS, Jakarta —

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Artists with stories of spiritual journeys often attract public attention. Not a few public figures from the country who told their journey when they decided to change their religion. Especially for those who decided to leave Islam alias apostates and chose to embrace Christianity.

One of them is Indonesian Idol dropout singer, Nania Yusuf aka Nania Idol. Out of the belief that she has held since birth, Nania is certainly strongly opposed by her family, especially her mother.

Recently, Nania revealed an unpleasant experience when she decided to change religion. This was revealed by Nania when she was a guest on Yusuf Manabulu’s YouTube channel. It turns out that the singer who graduated from Indonesian Idol was abused by his mother when he decided to convert.

“I was dragged away again, my room was kicked again, I was spat on ‘you are possessed by the devil, Jesus is the devil, not the way of truth, there is no such story’. Every day I was beaten,” recalled Nania.

Nania also admitted that her mother dragged her into a car and took her somewhere. He was so scared that he prayed for safety. At the same time, Nania claimed to hear God’s voice.

“Until one afternoon my mom suddenly came into the room, she dragged me ‘to go with mommy’. I got in the car, for the first time I confessed to God ‘God I’m scared, what should I do now?’ there was a voice, God spoke to me ‘never get out of the car’,” he said.


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