The history of masturbation, the story of the grandson of the founder of Judah who likes to waste sperm

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Illustration of erection masturbation photo: Special

Masturbation is often interpreted as having negative elements, especially for health. Masturbation or what is often called masturbation is the activity of removing male sperm without having sex.

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Who would have thought there was a figure of a man who coined the term masturbation in the past. How’s the story? Check out the following article.

The origin of masturbation is recorded in the book

Scientifically, masturbation can be said to be a biologically common thing. But long ago, before much knowledge about sex, masturbation was quite taboo and prohibited.

In England, in the past people banned masturbation because it was forbidden from a religious and state perspective because it was considered a source of disease.

But research now says masturbation is still safe to do if not excessive. Some researchers say masturbation in a reasonable time and duration even has a positive impact on health.

Controversy about the activity of masturbation was not separated from its history. Quoted from the page Compass, Anthropologist Michael S Patton in the journal Masturbation from Judaism to Victorianism published in the Journal of Religion and Health Vol 24, reveals this.

Judaism is the oldest deeply rooted belief in Israel. This belief is the first time this activity is considered a deviation.

Narrated and written in the Book of Genesis 38:7-10, the grandson of Jacob, the founder of the original tribe of Judah, named Onan suddenly died.

Illustration of erection masturbation photo: Special

It is said that the figure of Onan died because he liked to waste his ‘seed’ or sperm. Whereas physically Onan is a healthy man.

On the other hand, Onan also often refuses to have sex with his wife to continue the offspring.

According to Patton, what Onan was technically doing was coitus interruptus (pull-out method) to keep from getting pregnant.

However, many interpreted the incident as ‘masturbation’. The name Onan was then immortalized as a term to refer to masturbation activities.

Persistent negative stigma

Since then, negative stigma and controversy have continued to haunt masturbation activities, and some have even punished the perpetrators because they are considered mentally ill.

In the late 19th century, the dangers of masturbation even shifted, no longer considered a cause of insanity, but considered a cause of neurosis or mental disorders. This misunderstanding continued into the 20th century.

The new world freed masturbation from various tussles in the 1960s era. The US, followed by the rest of the world, no longer makes sex a taboo. Scientists in the 20th century also failed to prove all the accusations against masturbation that were believed for centuries.

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