The Attorney General’s Office Hunts the Assets of the Defendant and Suspect Asabri to Overseas

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NBCNEWS, The Attorney General’s Office is serious about pursuing assets belonging to the corruptors of the Asabri case to maximize the return of state losses that amounted to more than Rp22 trillion, including pursuing assets abroad.

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Director of Investigations at the Deputy Attorney General for Special Crimes (Dirdik Jampidsus) Supardi said the Asabri case investigator team already had a list of assets suspected of being affiliated with the defendant and the suspect who was currently outside, either in the form of shares or other assets. Now the investigation team is preparing legal steps to file a lawsuit on these assets.

“There is an open country, we will go there (pursue the assets of the defendant Asabri), the time will come we will let you know, hopefully it will work because we will go through the lawsuit process,” Supardi said when contacted by reporters in Jakarta, Monday (15/11). /2021).

According to him, investigators maximize the pursuit of Asabri’s assets by investigators not without reason. This is because a number of facts were revealed in the trial of the Asabri case. Among them are alleged assets disguised on behalf of other parties or partners.

“If the direction is there, we will definitely call. Moreover, if the information is important, of course we have to call them again (to be checked),” said Supardi.

He added that the hunt for assets in the Asabri case would continue as investigators indicated that a number of assets were deliberately disguised or diverted to avoid confiscation.

Moreover, related to the confiscation of assets belonging to the defendants and suspects, it still looks very ambiguous. The assets belonging to the defendant Benny Tjokro from his attorney’s confession have been confiscated and even exceed Benny’s responsibility, although the statement must also be proven first.

There are also other suspects who have shown good intentions, such as two Investment Managers (MI) by returning funds from PT Asabri’s mutual fund management.

“There are two suspects who returned. The suspects are MAM and IIM,” Supardi added.


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