PSIS Slumps in the Hands of Ian Andrew Gillan, Official Management Calls Again Imran Nahumarury | NBCNEWS

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PSIS management has officially summoned Imran Nahumarury to accompany Ian Andrew Gillan in the 2021/22 Liga 1 series three.

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The management of PSIS Semarang took an important decision to boost the club’s performance ahead of the third series of Liga 1 2021/22.

PSIS Semarang looks like it has two faces in the first and second series of Liga 1 2021/22.

In the first series of Liga 1 2021/22 when handled by Imran Nahumarury, PSIS Semarang appeared impressive by winning three wins and three draws.

Hari Nur Yulianto et al even had a chance to poke into the runner-up position in the standings at the end of the first series.

Imran Nahumarury, who was only a temporary coach, chose to resign after the first series was over.

PSIS’s performance has actually declined since being handled by Ian Andrew Gillan in the second series.

In the five second series of matches, PSIS only got two wins, one draw, and two defeats.

Ian Andrew Gillan was unlucky because the two PSIS defeats were obtained from Persib Bandung, and when he played with 10 men against Borneo FC.

PSIS management did not want to take the risk by calling Imran home.

Previously, there were rumors that Imran would be lined up as head coach and Ian was withdrawn as technical director.

Reporting from the Central Java Tribune, Imran has accompanied Ian Andrew Gillan in the team’s training session at Citarum Stadium, Monday (15/11/2021).

Ian Andrew Gillan from Scotland welcomed the arrival of his predecessor.

“I warmly welcome his arrival, including several staff who have returned such as team doctors,” said Ian (15/11/2021).

“Previously there was a problem about effectiveness in terms of tactics, now we are both fixing the team’s shortcomings,” he said.

With this statement, Imran seems to be acting as an assistant coach or the number two person after Ian.

The Ian Andrew Gillan-Imran Nahumarury duo will undergo six matches in the third series of Liga 1 2021/22.

PSIS Semarang will duel with Tira Persikabo in week 12 of Liga 1 2021/22, Thursday (11/18/2021).

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