Profile of Ex-EXO’s Luhan, the Singer Who Will Soon Marry Guan Xiaotong

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Ex-EXO's Luhan Profile.  (Instagram/7_luhan_m)

Luhan ex EXO is reportedly getting married to his girlfriend next year.

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John Endra

Monday, November 15, 2021 | 21:00 WIB

NBCNEWS – KPop lovers must be familiar with the name Luhan. Yep, he is a former member of the legendary boy group EXO. Luhan was one of the main vocalists of EXO before deciding to leave the group that raised his name and left his group mates in 2014. For some EXO-L members who left EXO, including Luhan, this is referred to by them as ex-girlfriends..

While still joining the SM Entertainment upbringing group, Luhan was known for his vocal abilities, especially for high notes. In one of the reality shows starring EXO members, Luhan also had a high-pitched match with EXO’s Chen who is now the main vocalist of EXO.

Ex-EXO’s Luhan Profile. (Instagram/7_luhan_m)

After deciding to leave EXO, Luhan started his career in his native China. Even so, Luhan also still has a place in the hearts of some EXO-Ls, because he is a member who also struggled in the early days of EXO’s formation. Even on his Instagram account @7_luhan_m, he also still has photos with EXO members such as Suho, Xiumin, and Chanyeol. Later his name became a hot topic, because he was rumored to be marrying his girlfriend Guan Xiaotong in 2022.

Ex-EXO’s Luhan profile is back in the spotlight because of the news of the marriage. Now for those of you who may not know him very well, NBCNEWS has prepared a profile of ex-EXO Luhan which you can check out below.

Ex-EXO’s Luhan Profile

Ex-EXO's Luhan Profile.  (Instagram/7_luhan_m)
Ex-EXO’s Luhan Profile. (Instagram/7_luhan_m)

Luhan was born with the name Lu Han in Beijing, China on April 20, 1990. The name Luhan used when he debuted and became a member of EXO. Luhan is a singer who started his career by debuting in Korea with 11 colleagues under SM Entertainment through the boy group EXO.

Luhan’s interest in singing has been shown since he was young, even in 2008, Luhan auditioned at JYP Entertainment but failed. Then in 2010, he became an SM Entertainment trainee after passing the SM Casting System audition. Luhan became part of EXO which officially debuted through the single Mama on April 8, 2012.

He is a member of the EXO M unit which focuses on promoting in China with 5 other EXO members, namely Kris, Tao, Lay, Xiumin, and Chen. In 2013, the concept of EXO K and EXO M was scrapped and the 12 members were finally able to promote simultaneously. Even more, ‘Growl’ which was delivered with a complete lineup of 12 members successfully rocked the K-Pop world. The song successfully brought EXO to the title of King of KPop at that time.

Ex-EXO's Luhan Profile.  (Instagram/7_luhan_m)
Ex-EXO’s Luhan Profile. (Instagram/7_luhan_m)

But in 2014, Luhan decided to leave SM Entertainment and leave his friends at EXO. He followed Kris, who had already left EXO. After leaving EXO, Luhan remains active in music in China. After leaving EXO, he released his first solo album on September 10, 2015 with the title ‘Reloaded’.

Luhan spread his wings by plunging as an actor through the big screen film titled ’20 Once Again’ (2015). His acting debut was received positively and he successfully brought home the Newcomer of the Year awards, and Most Popular Actor. Since then, he has become one of China’s top actors. Some of the titles of films and dramas that Luhan has starred in include Time Raiders, The Great Wall, 12 Golden Ducks, The Witness, and Fighter of the Destiny. Luhan has also starred in the drama Sweet Combat (2018) which brought him together with Guan Xiaotong who is his lover.

Romance Travel

Ex-EXO's Luhan Profile.  (Instagram/7_luhan_m)
Ex-EXO’s Luhan Profile. (Instagram/7_luhan_m)

Luhan’s love story as a Korean idol was never revealed. But when he started his career in his home country, Luhan seemed confident and dared to introduce his girlfriend to the public. Luhan is known to be dating the artist Guan Xiaotong in 2017.

In fact, both of them are quite open with their love story. Both Luhan and Guan Xiaotong have shared photos of them together on their respective social media. Luhan’s love affair also received support from his fans.

After dating for 4 years, Luhan is rumored to be marrying his girlfriend in February 2022. This news immediately became a hot topic among netizens. However, as of this writing, the news of the 31-year-old singer’s marriage has not been confirmed.

That was the profile of ex-EXO Luhan who is rumored to be getting married soon to Guan Xiaotong, whom he has been dating for 4 years. For some fans this news is happy news but for others this news has broken hearts. Are you on the happy side or heartbroken when you hear that ex-EXO Luhan is getting married soon?

Contributor: Safitri Yulikhah


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