Not uncomfortable with the question of when to get married, Natasha Wilona even considers her motivation

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Natasha Wilona (Markuat/

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NBCNEWS – Post-breakup with Verrell Bramasta, soap opera Natasha wilona has not yet shown a positive attitude in his love life. This seems to be inversely proportional to some of his fellow public figures who are already happy with their respective partners. This turned out to be confusing.

The 22-year-old girl admits that in the past two years she has often received happy news from several of her friends who have engaged in engagements, marriages, and even giving birth. Most recently, he was asked to be one of the bridesmade from Ria Ricis who is married to Teuku Ryan.

For him, the abandonment of several friends who are married is not a new thing. Rather than worrying about it, Wilona Instead, he is enjoying the journey of life that he is currently going through.

you know Here, I’m a bit confused, for the last two years there have been engagements, weddings, births,” said Natasha Wilona in the Pondok Indah area, South Jakarta, last weekend.

Natasha Wilona (Markuat/NBCNEWS)

No doubt, this was then impacted by starting to come up with questions that raised about marriage. Luckily, he didn’t feel uncomfortable with the questions that came his way, Wilona actually saw it as a motivation to immediately find the right life partner.

“Isn’t it awkward, what’s more, it’s more of a constant prayer, ‘Oh God, send down a mate as soon as possible, the best’, like that,” he said.

Unfortunately, until now Wilona admits that he doesn’t have a heart yet. The figure of badminton player Kevin Sanjaya, who is widely reported to be close to him, is also called Wilona, ​​only as a friend. Now, he admits that he still enjoys being alone and undergoing various activities.

“Yes, if I just enjoy That’s what it is,” he concluded.


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