Not cans, Nikita Mirzani shows off her luxurious style while on vacation in Switzerland, the price is jaw-dropping

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The artist Nikita Mirzani has always been able to attract the public’s attention, recently he shared his luxurious moments and style while enjoying a vacation in Switzerland that was so cool.

This was shared via his personal Instagram @nikitamirzanimawardi_172, Dipo Latif’s ex-wife looked fashionable with luxury items and purple hair that added a younger impression.

What luxury goods is Nikita Mirzani wearing, of course you are curious about her luxurious style when traveling in Europe? Let’s see the following explanation.

1. Hermes bag

Every woman certainly likes bags, apart from being a place to store goods, bags can also be a status symbol for women. Nikita Mirzani looks bright with a black Hermes luxury bag while taking a walk looking at the beautiful scenery from the bridge.

Nikita looks fashionable wearing a white fur coat and black boat shoes. It’s no wonder the price of the black Hermes bag that Nikita is carrying has reached IDR 212 million.

2. Bandana Channel

Entering winter, Nikita Mirzani was seen taking a selfie with a black and white hairy bandana from the famous branded Channel. Wow, no less, it turns out that the price of the bandana is priced at Rp. 17 million!


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