My father lives in Indonesia, here are a number of other facts from Kim Sejeong

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Kim Sejeong.  Photo: Instagram

Kim Sejeong has an interesting story in her life, especially before becoming the successful singer and actress she is today. Kim Sejeong has a series of interesting facts behind her thousand talents and joys.

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The former IOI member is outspoken about his family. Behind his cheerful attitude, Kim Sejeong actually keeps a sad and emotional story about family. Starting from his parents who divorced since he was little to himself who was separated by his father who lived in Indonesia.

But not only sad facts, Kim Sejeong also has a series of other facts that make fans fall in love even more. has summarized a series of idol facts from various sources. Curious? Come on, see more.

First fact, Kim Sejeong and father’s relationship

Women born August 28, 1996 was born in Gimje, North Jeolla, South Korea. When he was young, he had to move to his aunt’s house in the Anyang area, Gyeonggi with his mother and older brother. This is due to the divorce of his parents.

Kim Sejeong admitted that she had never communicated let alone met her father since then until the third grade of junior high school. After ten years, he finally met his father. The meeting certainly had a dramatic impression. The father apologized to Sejeong for leaving him for so many years.

Kim Sejeong. Photo: Instagram

Not only that, his father also lives in Indonesia. Sejeong once told me that on the day she met her father, she was still shy. This former member of Gugudan could only look down when his father said goodbye to return to Indonesia. However, his father’s passport was lost until he finally returned to Sejeong’s house. Regretting his shy behavior, Sejeong took his father to the cinema. Since that moment, Sejeong and his father have not lost contact like before.

The mother’s struggle to raise her

Kim Sejeong is indeed known as an idol who was raised by a single parent, namely the mother. Reporting from Soompi, Sejeong and her sister live in limitations because they were raised alone by their mother. His mother struggled to change jobs. Starting from a milkman to become an accountant.

Kim Sejeong.  Photo: Instagram
Kim Sejeong. Photo: Instagram

Seeing her mother’s struggle, Sejeong decided to pursue her dream of becoming a singer in order to be famous and have a lot of money to help support the family.

Unexpectedly, his dream came true. Until now, Sejeong already has many singles. One of his newest singles is Baby I Love U. In fact, he has also penetrated the world of acting and reality shows. Her acting talent won an award as the best newcomer actress through the drama School 2017.

IU’s big fan

Kim Sejeong once showed a real reaction to being a fan of the famous Korean solo singer, IU. In the broadcast of KBS2’s “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook” on Friday (2/4/2021), Sejeong nervously handed IU’s new album over to the idol for autographs.

When asked by MC Yoo Hee Yeol if he had never met IU before up to that point, Kim Sejeong replied that he only had a glance. He had never interacted before to make him nervous.

Kim Sejeong.  Photo: Instagram
Kim Sejeong. Photo: Instagram

“Just a glance, like just looking at it from behind or something. Even today, I was very nervous, and I didn’t want to bother him so I immediately gave him my CD and left.” Kim Sejeong.

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